Question: Might a scriptorium or other structure be built that allows released slaves to be integrated into the empire such that they might provide useful intelligence as to a foreign nation? We've done a great work that used "inegrating released slaves" before (the College of the Liberated). Its likely that any "intelligence" would come from interacting with slaves in uptime rather than a downtime structure.

Question is there any benefit to assigning militsry units to a spy network when there is an army in the territory. So far the Empire has not fought in places where they did not already have a map. We would not automatically provide a map simply because an army has moved into the territory.

Queston: construction tradehubs, five, in different natns to trsde witth the faraden, cost p each laid our.... one motion or five. Could we use civilian commissiions? Phases or all at once? How do tey interact with blood red roads. Great works or sinecurrs or minitries?

Questiin csptain of the Senate Guard electiij

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We can deal with a spy network in a territory that the Empire can idnetify clearly (such as Hordalant), either by knowing its name or by clearly telling us where it is. I think it is much easier (as in standard cost) to do a spy network adjacent to a territtory the empire already has maps of.

Question: can the historical research minister be elected this summit?

Has the sinecure oirgens rest really been destroyed?

Queston: axos embasssy in axos - is it possible to build a moving embassy?

Is it possible to cede small parts of land Yes. They are very likely to cease being part of the Empire, and may have implications as to whether a territory counts as Imperial or not - but the normal rules about 50% controlled by Empire applies.

Questiion is it possible to restrict the commission power if s cvilian commioner to a specifuc summit? Is it possivlw to found a tutke tyzt haa powwe if commiin byt us auctioned in the bourse?

Can we use the seraligua kennel toupgrade an army or smu with attack dogs

Admin qm general - passed

Historical research - sisters of the brass coast mhr

Disburse funds for strategicmagic p morrow s segura passed 125t

Disburse funds for holmauer park p holberg s karov passed 100t

Liao sinecure kallavesa p kallavesa s semmerholm passed no fun

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U cc herb sinecure

Move gissele to temeschwar p temeschwar s sarvos passed no fun

Hg cc herb ministry

Disburse funds to enlarge black thorns p therunin s miaren passed 283t

M cc mana sinecure

Raise the guerdon p semmerholm s astolat passed 275 new guerdon

Build mana ministry p astolat s weirwater passed no fun

N cc herb great work

Wm cc herb sinecure

Disburse funds for wimtermark arm p hahnmark s karsk passed no fun

Disburse funds to senator bregasland p bregasland s upwold passed no fun

Io cc mana sinecure passed

Appoint ambassador to faraden p necropolis s reikos tal shar of house zabala

Great work for herbs 'worth of a life' p skarsind s sermersuaq passed

Herb sinecure miekarova p karov s volodmartz failed

Fortification in sarvos p sarvos s tassato passed

Inquisition result changes p conscience s redoubt passed

Disburse funds for resupply p feroz s kahraman passed 115.4t

Bc cc mna ministry

Appoint ambassador to jarm p sermersuaq s necropolis incumbent

Amend imperial seer to add gambits p redoubt s bregesland passed

Hand of chancellor 276t

Imperial army to physick p bastion s therunin

Appoint dean of pilgrims p dean of the academy s casinea

Allocate mithril mine 'pride of ikkas tears' national p madruga s bastion passed

Direct purchase of slaves made illegal p casinea s hercynia

Allocate singing caves as national p mitwold s hahnmark

Allocate great mine of briante as imperial

Amend cc to 5 per sjmmit p tassato s mitwold

Qm resuuply bounders golden axe quiet step red wind corsairs drakes

Qm guerdon wolves of war fist of mountain winter sun gryphons pride

Principle trading with jarm p upwold s morrow

Principle missionaries to iron confederacy p segura s kallavesa

Abrogate blood red road p hercynia s madruga

Ratify treaty with sarcophan delves p miaren s zenith

Dredgemaster hr road building and trods

Military council