Question - title for Construct conservatory for the Anvil Hospital motion?

Status of this sinecure is unclear - the destruction of the Spire of Twisting Shadows may have destroyed this sinecure.

Question : how to destroy a enemy spy network?

A: You'll need to find it first.

Question - Possibilities to help the people of Mierkarova survive the dreadful meteorite...? Evacuation of a territory is something the Synod could encourage - a declaration from the General Assembly or appropriate National Assembly could inspire a Wind of Fortune next event to allow more concrete responses (the comet is due to strike some time after Autumn equinox).

Question - How do we operate trade embargoes, as the foreigners do to us?

Senate motion we think, suspect it costs, but how - it may be one of the levers to move other nations from from barbarian to foreigner? Basically... Senate motion, specified as usual, which lowers imperial income in appropriate regions (usually ports), and lowers foreign nation income. It is worth noting that foreign nations can still trade with other foreign nations so the impact will be significant, but not dramatic/catastrophic.

Question - Can the power to choose where to assign the guerdong be assigned to the quartermaster? We are discussing this in great detail. Currently, it would be possible to amend the power of the Quartermaster General to allow them to define who will receive the guerdon down to specific armies, fortifications, or spy networks. Granting them this power is a constitutional motion that would require ratification - because it represents a significant shift in power from the nations to the Imperial authorities.

To give the Senate rather than the military council the power to restrict who gets the guerdon would have greater constitutional implications and might represent an unconstitutional level of influence of the armies of the Empire for the Senate. Constitution court can't reach a decision and may have to adjourn for some time.

It would be easy for them to give someone else the power to set the level of the Guerdon - in general the Senate can give their own powers away (or retrieve them), they can't take the powers off other houses.

Question - What would be the costings for a realmswood garden?

A small permanent garden will need three doses of realmsroot, 3 wains of weirwood, a senate motion, 6 crowns or an "expertnavarri herbalist" perhaps called Brennan Brokenheart and will form a sinecure and imperial title. It will produce five doses per season... only Miaren, Hahnmark or Upwold.

Question - Would it be possible to change the election of the master of the mint to be open to all imperial citizens.

Yes, following the rules for re-allocation of a bourse seat..

Senate Friday evening

Balance 1065T, 4C

Address, Empress

Administrative motion: to appoint a Dean of the Academy.

Bc cc - folly callidus

Io cc - mana sinecure

Wm cc - herb sinecure

Hg cc - herb greatwork

U cc - herb great work

Historical research : lost art of crafting of house guildenstern.

Embassy to axos - p:zenith, s:sarvos passed in principle

Marches food great work ! Opportunity - p: bregasland s:upwold passed 400T

Senate Saturday "

Balance 665 thrones and 4 crowns

Marcher cc - mana sinecure

League cc - folly to janon

Spy network in reinos - p: madruga s: therunin - failed

Embassy sarcophan delves - p: mitwold s: kahraman - passed 200 thrones

To appoint a dean of the academy - faustina notturno di sarvos

To raise a wintermark army. P: hahnmark s: skarsind passed

Enslavement of sapient beings is contrary to the defining principles of the empire, our constitutiin andthe way ifvirtue. P; semmersuaq s: tassato passed

To construct a spy network in the lasambrian hills in the territory of Remos p: madruga s: therunin failed

To commission a folly in Temeshswar a statue of of jannonto encourage good relations has no imperial title annnouncement by the league cuvilian commissioner.

To raise a cathedral to courage in astolat to fortify the virtue of the dawnish people against any malign influence and auras. This to be a sinecure to provide votes in the assembly - the dean to be decided by national assembly of dawn. Funding sought by senate to be discussed on the floor. P; weirwater s: semmerholm passed at 25 T.

To commission a sinecure in Mieakarova Varushka, a war memorial "the inn of heroes rest", a white granite war memorial with a small lodging in a busy road with a szena employed to tell tales of the fallen. Announcement, civilian commissioner of varushka.

To amend the role of civilian commissioner to remove the power to build follies.p: kahranman s: feroz

To disbursement funds intended fir the purpose of completing the iron helms army in karsk, varushka. P: karsk s: hahnmark passed 200t

Proposal to increase the size of the navarri army the black thorns to that of a large army. P: tgerunin s: karsk passed 200t

To assign spiral to an imperial nation. P: morrow s: mitwold passed, urizen

To appoint an ambassador to the iron confederacy. P: temeschwar s: holberg passed: spiral

'Commission the construction of a trading post in karov funding + materials provides suggestion of appointment by vote of business ownners' 'check this announcement by the Varushkan civilian commissioner

Keeper of the dour fens, graven, bregasland, marcher senator selection, lifetime appointment, mana sinecure, announcement marcher civilian commissioner

To build an embassy to the Sarcophan Delves, p: mitwold s: therunin passed 200t

Motion appointment of an imperial consul p: hercynia s: miaren

Disbursement of funds to hold a celebration of the crowning of the empress. This will allow the empress to send a message to her people and will act as a symbol of the empire's loyalty and pride. P: tassato s:temeschwar passed 40t 4c

380YE Autumn Equinox Imperial elections [[