1) is it going to be possible to render the election of ambassadors an administrative motion.?

- No

2) cost of expedition around the bay of catazar, for name and numbers and nations of territories

- This is interesting, not entirely sure how to proceed - it sounds like the kind of thing that could lead to a Wind of Fortune - needs discussion

3) could we change the a schedule of ambassadorial appointments?

- Yes, there is precedence for short election sessions if you wanted to move the election to a different event

4) " To begin construction in Nemoria, capital of Asavea, of a Temple of the Way" - progress, and title?

- Completed, having an effect already, nobody has been assigned to the liason, The method of appointment was not specified in the original Senate motion so the necessary details are left to the senator who raised the motion - Maher i Zaydan i Riqueza to decide and inform CS.

5) does the docks in sarvos increase imperial taxation there.? Specifically the arsenal....

- It may ultimately increase taxation but as with every single great work we have been asked this about, we cannot guarentee it will or predict anything.

6) general estabanas folly - do follys have upkeep? Constitutiinal impact?

- No, they do not have an upkeep

7) re Disburse funds to the Jarmish Cartel - what do we know about whats happened as a result?

8) can a great work be targeted to improve taxation directly?

- no

9) does presence in a territory improve tax income?

- yes, if you hold a business.

10) the marchers would like to assign military units to the singing caves - to blockade the egress of mithril.

- You couldn't enact that with Military Units. You could use either an army or use a synod motion to provoke some kind of uprising. This is likely to be treason.

11) is the opportunity to rebuild the spire of oblivion's edge still available?

- We are not aware of any such oppertunity existing, having checked back through the opportunities of the time.

11a) wow. I read a pd-branded print-out of the opportunity the guy was holding - either I got the critucal word wrong, or its a forgery. I'll check.

12) would the construction of a road to faraden interact with a trade route to faraden using the trod through feroz?

- Could you clarify what you mean by "Interact"? Is there a specific game object that you're referring to

12a) an extension to the blood red roads, and the trade route specified in a motiion earlier tiday.

13) "Ambassador to Axos: Tarquinius" was elected last autumn, thunks he should be up for relelection, but he's not on our list...

14) wayleave, usaable to make a title auctiined in the bourse?

15) wayleave - can make congregational sinecures? (Qv limit on cc commissions?)

16) how much weirwood does the great forest fort opportunity to stay live? (Presume consistent with other ckmissiins ie "A Senate commission has a year to begin construction from the date it passes."

17) is it cinstitutiinal to reliquish a bourse seat such that it can be reassigned?"


Senate session - the Friday evening

Address: Speaker

Saturday ~ dawn, wintermark, highguard, brass coast - husks in weirwater

Sunday - league, navarr, marchers, orcs, varushka, urizen - grendel.

Announcement: Throne

An announcement by the Throne.

To exercise the power "Hand of the chancellor"

Passes 348t to the Throne.

To amend the high gardener of Urizen as follows:

  • To be elected annually by the Urizen National Assembly.
  • To gain the responsibility to act as custodian and record keeper for the Prosperity fund of Urizen, and use it for the greatest Prosperity for the Nation.

P Morrow S Conscience


To construct a Folly, an Imperial Treasure Ship, named 'Adventure', laden with valuables in the port of Siroc

Upon completion, the Adventure will set sail, leaving the Bay of Catazar behindm accompanied by whatever Fleets dare to sail with it. Seeking out the most ferocious Tempestm the Adventure's crew will lash the wheel, driving it towards the eye of the storm then scuttle the ship, sending it and its cargo to rest in the deep oceans before boarding the other vessels.

Raised on behalf ot eh Archmage of Summer, Solomon, in pursuit of the support of the Regent of the Eternal Sea, Rhianos.

P Madruga S morrow


Disbursement of funds to train and Levy Wintermark Army

P Hahnmark S Semersuaq

Passed at 262.5 T

To assign Mournwold to the Marches

P Bregasland S Mitwold


Senate session - Saturday pm

Addresses: field marshal, master of the mint, Throne

Appoint dean of the liberated

P miaren S feroz

Appointed Venturo de Sarvos as Dean of Liberated

To construct a Great Work in Madruga and Segura

A road network connecting Anduz to Tassato, partly self-funded.

P Kahraman S kallevesa

Passed in principle

To accept a ceasefire with the Sumah republic

P Karsk S Hercynia


To request funds for a mana ministry in Astolat

P Astolat S Weirwater

Passed at 40T

Disbursement of funds for military matters

P Zenith S Kahraman

Passed at 200T

That we construct a folly in Mitwold, in the Marches, self-funded to "cap the giants well"

P Mitwold S Bastion


Senate session - Saturday evening

Address: High bard

Announcement: Vallorn

Historical research unto the ruined Terunael city in Axos

I, Sian Eternal, use my power of historical research to send civil service researchers to Axos to gather information about their ruined Terunael city and vallorn around it. An expedition suggested by Aili Marjasdottir, and supported by the Imperial Ambassador to Axos, Tarquinius of Ankarien.

Appoint ambassador to Jarm

P Hercynia S madruga

Appointed the incumbent, Oswi, as Ambassador to Jarm

Guerdon increase

In light of the continued loyalty of military captains dedicating their resources to crucial military efforts, to increase the Guerdon to an amount more commensurate with the servcie they provide the Empire.

P Weirwater S Astolat

Passed at 25t

To add the Bloodcloak schema to Imperial Lore

Self funded

P Semmerholm S Karsk


To redistribute the bounty of herbs granted by the Gardens of High Chalcis to the Great Forest Orcs

P Reikos S Necropolis


Commission by Wayleave

The construction of a Mana Sinecure in New Dunholm in Hahnmark. To cultivate and collect the crystalisations forming in the vicinity of (yet to be named) hole. With the goal the increased prosperity in Wintermark. It will cost 10 wains of Mithril to Construct and 20 crowns. It will be self-funded.

Breeta Dunning - right of address to Balder Dunning her second.

To construct the congregational Sinecure 'Honour's Rest' in Overton, Mournwold

Creating the title 'Friar of Honour's Rest', appointed by the Marcher National Assembly, Revocation as per the well-worn path.

This motion to be self-funded by the people of Wintermark as a gift to the people of Mournwold.

Let this Sinecure stand as a reminder that the Empire makes mistakes and should acknowledge them.

P Kallevesa S Volodmartz


=== To permanently change the Imperial Breadbasket to include the Mournwold

P Mournwold S Upwold


To assist in the refurbishment of the trade port of Robec in the Iron Confederacy

In order to facilitate the opening of favourable trade and diplomatic opportunities with the Iron Confederacy.Disbursement of funds from the Senate requested to purchase and send white granite.

P Feroz S Miaren

Passed at 50T

Senate session - the Sunday day

Address: Field Marshal, Advisor on Orc Affairs

Announcement: Wayleave, Wayleave, Feverwater

Commission by Wayleave (Silas di Sarvos)

To construct a Great Work in Sarvos for the production of mana. To be known as "Lorenzo's Legacy of Pride". To cost 40 wains of mithril and 10 thrones to be funded by the Bloody Butchers Guild.

I, the Dredgemaster of Feverwater, announce historical research

On Myfanwy of Hercynia and her travels and relationships with the First Empress.

Commission by Wayleave (Lorenzo)

To construct a Great Work in Holberg for the production of mana. To be known as "Lorenzo's Legacy of Courage". To cost 40 wains of mithril and 10 thrones to be funded by the Bloody Butchers Guild.

To Appoint an ambassador to Faraden

P Bastion S Casinea

Appointed Talishar i Zabatar i Erigo as Ambassador to Faraden

To appoint an Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves

P Necropolis S Reikos

Appointed the incumbant as Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves

To build a fort in Greensward named "Farstriders Watch"

To be funded by the Imperatrix.

P Conscience S Holberg


To construct a fortification at Freemoor in the Mourn

P Mierakarova S Temeswar


To construct a fortification at Southmoor in the Mourn

P Temeswar S Mierakarova


To accept the offer of the Great Forest Orcs

to construct a fortification in the Lower Tarn Valley.

P Redoubt S Segura


To allow the Great Forest Orcs to work the Thimble

In return their will receive 4 wains of weirwod a season. This agreement will last until either the treaty with the Great Forest Orcs ends or this motion is revoked.

P Therunin S Karov


To create the national title of the Keeper of the Breadbasket

To be selected by Marcher Senators for a term of one year and revocable by the Marcher Assembly or the Assembly of Nine.

The Duty of the Keeper of the Breadbasket is to maintain the Great Work and decide if the Breadbasket is to support the Mournwold or the Imperial Armies which can only be done once per summit.

The Keeper of the Breadbasket has the right of address to Senate once per summit which must be used if the allocation is to be changed.

P Upwold S Mournwold


To recognise the House of Guiscard

as rulers of Kalino.

P Segura S Skarsind.


To construct a spy network

in the area known as the Valley of the Moon, known as the Valley of silence in Axos.

P Casinea S Therunin


To construct a mana ministry in Skarsind

named "the weavers' market as a self-funded Imperial Orc National Bourse position, appointed in the usual way.

P Sarvos S Redoubt


That the Senate use the skills of the Asavean Architect to construct a Great Work in Tassato

This great work will be for the production of Mana. To be known as "Lorenzo's Legacy of Ambition" To cost 40 wains of Mithril and 10 thrones to be funded by the Bloody Butchers Bank.

P Karov S Tassato


That the Senate use the skills of the Asavean Architect to construct a Great Work in Temeschwar

This great work will be for the production of Mana. To be known as "Lorenzo's Legacy of Loyalty" To cost 40 wains of Mithril and 10 thrones to be funded by the Bloody Butchers Bank.

P Tassato S Zenith


To allocate the Singing caves Bourse Position

P Holberg S Bregasland