ĥHow might I gain the opportunity to increase the size of an army by weapons horde. fortifcation says the only effect of not paying upkeep is simply to give no effect this season.. noone believes this can be the case.... pleaseconfirm...

Cost of adding an autumn wing to the halls of knowledge.

Creating a missionary armada, how would this work. Going to a foreign nation and trying to convert.

Competing mandates, does loser spend liao? Ę a

  • Historical research about the
  • hand of chancellor - throne 119.2t(?)
  • construct garden of grim - p miekarova s karov passed
  • construct fortification karsk, lestasny - p karsk s miekarova passed
  • Construct great work, pride in sarvos - p sarvos s tassato passed
  • construct great work , pride in tassato - p tassato s astolat passed
  • construct runeforge in redoubt, limus - p zenith s upwold passed
  • create title of ambassador to thule, senate appointment - p kallavesa s morrow passed

Saturday pm

  • appoint sumar ambassador karov s kallevesa incumbent
  • appoint thule ambassador p civil servi,ceecure passed uha
  • ,appoint senate guatd capt. P upwold s skarsind not elected
  • disburse funds for wintermark army - p hahnmark s bregasland passed 125t
  • ,construct sinecure varushka national p volodmartz s karsk passed
  • construct folly phaleron library p hercynia s zenith passed
  • construct great work, pride in urizen p morrow s hercynia pased

Saturday evening

  • amend powers of imperial seer p madruga s mitwold failed
  • amend powers auditor p mitwold s semmerholm passed
  • construct legions rookery, great work pride p sermersuaq s hahnmark passed
  • construct night mana sinecure redoubt , arcane arcxchitect
  • construct docks sarvos asavaea p temeschwar s holberg passed


  • amend motion runforge to asavaean architect p kahraman s necropolis
  • qmg resupply wolves of war
  • qmg guerdon fires of the south, eastern sky, towerjacks, freeborn storm, bounders, hounds of glory
  • throne address the empire
  • great work pride reikos wayleave
  • set guerdon p miaren s therunin
  • appoint commonwealth p reikos s casinea
  • amend motion fort to asavaean architect p therunin s reikos
  • amend constitution to reference nations p skarsind s segura
  • disseminate spider nerve cure p bregasland s conscience
  • amend power of exorcist p segura s kahraman
  • disburse funds to thanmir p necropolis s redoubt
  • mentorship program p dean s sarvos
  • butterfly reserve sinecure gloaming conclave appointment kiekarova wayleave