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An address allows any magician to bring important information to the attention of the Conclave.


A Conclave address is an opportunity for an individual to make a presentation to the Imperial Conclave.


Raising an address

Any Imperial citizen can place an address on the agenda for the next Conclave session. Placing an address costs a mana crystal, paid when the address is raised. The civil servant records the name of the person raising the address who may also choose to add a short sentence summarizing the topic of their address.


Presenting an address allows an individual to speak before the Conclave, for up to one minute in duration, on whatever topic they desire. If they wish to speak for longer than a minute then they may spend additional crystal mana to do so as normal.

Legally, an address is considered to be any agenda item that does not require a vote of the Conclave. Traditionally, addresses are used to provide the assembled magicians with important information, or to inform the Conclave of significant magical or political developments.

The Warmage, Bursar, Imperial Magus and any archmage have the power to raise a single address for free each summit.


After the presentation is complete, the grandmaster of each order may nominate someone present to speak, in order determined by the Principle of Precedence. Every speaker must pay crystal mana for the right to present their views. It is considered rude to move the debate away from the topic of the address - magicians who attempt to pursue unrelated agendas are often barracked by the assembled magicians until they stop talking.


After the discussion, the address is complete and the civil servant moves on to the next address, or the process of resolving the declarations begins.

"You think I speak off the cuff? The key to a good Address is preparation. Rehearse it to yourself in your head, keep it down to a minute. Use your outdoor voice. Stick to the point, and for Virtue's sake don't bore them. Make one joke, and time it right. Have them laughing when time is called, and they will stand a chance of recalling what you said!"

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