Orcs do not have lineage. To most Imperial Orcs, humans with lineage are still citizens of the Empire, and they do not discriminate against them especially. Many orcs see no difference between humans with lineage and humans without lineage.

A small number of Imperial Orcs are not descendants of the original slaves freed after Thrace's rebellion. Occasionally a band of bandits will seek out the egregore and petition to join the nation, sick of their lives living hand-to-mouth in the wilderness. Recently, a small handful of Lasambrian orcs from the Hierro clan made the trek to Skarsind after their people were conquered by the Jotun and refused shelter by the Empire. Perhaps two hundred former slaves from the eastern Principalities of Jarm, educated at the College of the Liberated, became part of the nation in 380YE.

Not all Imperial Orcs welcome these newcomers, often claiming that anyone whose grandparents were not enslaved by the Empire should not be allowed to join the nation. However those who have settled in Skarsind have been accepted by the Imperial Orc egregore as they are willing to adopt Imperial Orcs culture and customs and thus become part of the nation. That is more than good enough for most Imperial Orcs.

For many years there has been a common enmity between barbarian and Imperial orcs. During the uprising efforts were made to make contact with the barbarian nations but they were rejected. In some cases the emissaries were simply killed, but some nations made offers of help or sanctuary only to betray them to the Empire.

Prior to the uprising it was often claimed that slaves who managed to escape were welcomed by those nations who were hostile to the Empire; in fact it has become increasingly clear that those who did manage to reach to the barbarian lands did not find the welcome they had hoped for. Most likely they were summarily slain - but nobody is quite sure. What is certain is that nobody has ever found any trace of such people living among the barbarians.

The motivation for the barbarians' hatred of the Imperial Orcs is not clear, but it seems to stem from a fundamental belief that they are somehow dirty or spiritually corrupt. What is notable is that this hatred has diminished or even entirely disappeared in recent years. Imperial Orcs are no longer singled out for attack by the enemy on the battlefield and the enemy now seems to regard them as little different to any other Imperial. Nobody is quite certain what actions or events have caused this change - but it has been noted by observers of all four barbarian nations.

Unusual origins in play

It is fine to be generic bandit from some uncivilised region of the Empire who joined the Imperial Orcs either as a child or an adult - although an adult may have to answer for any crimes they committed as a bandit. You can also play one of the Liberated, provided you meet the minimum requirement of fluency in an appropriate language.

It's okay to play a character who used to be a Lasambrian orc, although the wiki is very short on detail which might leave you struggling to cover any gaps. Key points are:

  • There were three peoples, all bandits - Hierro, Corazon, Naguerro. The Naguerro were traditionalists lead by their shaman, the Hierro were interested in expanding the grasp of the Lasambrian orcs to conquer the Brass Coast, and the Corazon were caught between the two.
  • The Lasambrians invaded Segura, were driven off - and then their lands were invaded by the Jotun and the Iron Confederacy.
  • The Corazon accepted the Jotun choice and joined their nation. The Naguerro refused to surrender to the Iron Confederacy and were eventually rescued by the Grendel - they have an abiding hatred of the Empire.
  • The Hierro - briefly sought sanctuary in the Empire. After the Empire gave them Virtue - they became ambitious, proud and courageous. The renewed spiritual strength allowed them to appreciate that the Empire would never give them what they wanted - so most left to join the Jotun. A handful went north and joined the Imperial Orcs.

It is important to note that you must still be an Imperial Orc - the egregore only accepts people who have embraced Imperial Orc ways and culture. You can have been Hierro - for example - but you're an Imperial Orc now.

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