An inspirational tomb is a sacred site devoted to the memory of an exemplar or paragon. Often the feted individual is buried at the site, though some sites described as tombs are actually a cenotaph - a memorial to their memory that does not contain the mortal remains. By using a dose of true liao to sanctify the site, a permanent aura is created that becomes a source of spiritual strength and inspiration to all who visit the tomb, drawing pilgrims from across the Empire and beyond.

It is not possible to create an inspirational tomb for someone who is not a paragon or exemplar. It is possible to create a permanent aura using true liao, but this is not sufficient to create an inspirational tomb unless the site is dedicated to the memory of an appropriate inspirational figure. Thus it is only possible to create this focal point for the faith if the Synod have given formal recognition as an exemplar or paragon.

It is not essential to create an inspirational tomb for every exemplar or paragon. In fact, given the great cost involved, it is rare to do so. The inspirational lessons provided by the life of an exemplar or paragon will last as long as the memories of those who recognized him or her. The reason to create an inspirational tomb is to spread knowledge of the individual throughout the Empire, ensuring they become renowned with their memory immortalized for generations to come.


  • Materials: 1 dose of true liao and 4 crowns
  • Time: 3 months to construct

The costs listed are for the smallest possible tomb which does not require Senate involvement. It is possible to commission a grand structure built of white granite and weirwood that would contain the tomb and serve as a place of worship for the faith, but that would be in addition to the costs listed above. The commission would work in a similar fashion to a sinecure, the more impressive the structure, the more synod votes and liao it will provide.



Upon consecration of the tomb, we will update the wiki entry for that region to include a description of the site, with a length appropriate to the size and scale of the construction. In addition the Imperial Archivist will visit Anvil to meet with those responsible for the recognition of the paragon or exemplar (if they still live) and those who have paid for the creation of the tomb. They will discuss the life of the paragon or exemplar and take notes to allow them to document the site so that news of it can be spread throughout the Empire.

We will then use that information to help us create a wiki page for the exemplar or paragon detailing their life, their accomplishments and the signs of their virtue.


A tomb attracts pilgrims from across the Empire and beyond, who want to learn more. It can also encourage people who already possess little-known or significant information about the individual to come forward. In the past, the construction of a tomb has lead to an interest in relics of a new exemplar's life, to examination of and emulation of their heroic deeds, and to the formation of sodalities dedicated to pursuing their legacy. The individuals responsible for creating the tomb are often caught up in these events.

Known Tombs

The SentinelVigilanceCasineaCastellan of the Silent Sentinel
The Little MotherProsperityBastionPrelate of the Little Mother
Cora HoldfastLoyaltyReikosClaviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast

Lost Tombs

Many records were lost when Emperor Nicovar destroyed the great libraries of the Empire. This coupled with the problem that the Empire is a vast land that includes large areas of dangerous wilderness between civilized settlements means that it is certain that the location of some inspirational tombs has been lost over the centuries. Without suitable protection these sites may have been destroyed - but in theory some may yet endure. No inspirational tomb has been known to fail through age, since the power of true liao withstands the ravages of time, so it is possible that one day some or all of these lost tombs might be found and reclaimed.

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