This songs was written ,in character, by Jennet of Mourn

OOC it is the tune of Culloden's Harvest, with words by Daisy. Recording is here.

Sheet music is available here

Chorus: Cold the winds on the moors blow Warm, the enemy's fire glows Black, the harvest of the Mournwold Pain, and fear, and death grow.

1.The children of Mourn are bereft and lamenting Torn from their families, their homes and their land Forced out of the Mourn so their parents could save them The children will live, but their families will stand


2.With love of their land they stood firm at High Courage But in scarcely the time that it takes me to sing The flower of the country, cut down by an army As ruthless and cruel as the Winter wind's sting


3.The children of Mournwold are left to their weeping With only the memory of families long gone They yearn for their homes and the bones of their families The blackest of hours on this land has begun.