In addition to the list of frequently asked questions this is a list of obscure questions people have asked to which we have provided answers. They are included here for completeness and for reference purposes and searches.


Do Imperial Orcs have lineage?

No, orcs are a separate species and the lineages on the wiki are specific to humans.

Does the Extra Item skill increase in cost?

No. The cost for all the extra item/ritual/spell skills is one point. The only skills that increase with cost each time you purchase them are those skills in the skill table marked with an asterisk to indicate that they increase in cost each time they are taken.

What category does a weapon exactly 42 inches long fall into?

1-handed weapon (and this extends for 60 inch being 2-handed and 84-inch being polearms).

Do I lose my mana if I stop casting a spell before it is complete?


Can I turn a hallowed item into something else?

No. If raw materials are hallowed (whether in-game materials or mundane items), and are turned into something else (for example, carving a hallowed log into a bowl), the resulting item is not hallowed.


Can we make a mixed-lineage group?

Mixed-lineage groups are absolutely 100% fine.

Are lineages specific to nations?

No - all lineages are found everywhere, although some are regarded more or less positively in some nations. There are some specific references to create flavour, or to suggest group or character concepts. They're absolutely generalities. Where we don't mention a lineage specifically, the assumption is that the general attitudes prevail (so in the Marches your draughir is fine but the nasty bastard two villages over is a disgrace; in Highguard it's a pity they're a draughir and so on)

What language do the Imperial and Barbarian orcs use?

English - all Imperial and barbarian orcs speak English.

Will players be allowed to make up their past lives?

In Empire, the Synod teaches that reincarnation exists. It’s a matter of doctrine/faith rather than fact. See the list of heresies for what else people may believe is the case. There is no problem with *characters* believing all kinds of things. If someone wants to create a character who believes firmly they are Abraxus Reborn, they can.

The important thing is that the player accepts that this is a *belief*, and will not equate to sanctioning by PD in any form. Pick something relatively innocuous, and the odds you will encounter anything that contradicts it is very small. “I had a dream once that I was a rebel during the Freedom Heresy. My past disloyalty haunts me and is why I am overcompensating in this life.” Claiming to be Abraxus Reborn and that you know where you hid your prophetic scrolls is likely to be a path to disappointment.

True liao visions will be run as “encounters” and we cannot yet say how many we will be running per event but the number will be very few. Statistically, it is a tiny part of the population; which is why administration is handled by the Synod for the worthy. No one should claim to have taken true liao in their background.

Are you going to recommend food styles for nations?

We are intending to have subpages on food in different nations. These will be done by foodies/crazy larp chefs. It's not the highest priority but it is something a number of members of the team are quite passionate about (something to do with making sure they can steal good food when they go out as NPCs). As ever, we're aiming to inspire rather than dictate.

How does the coinage break down?

There are 20 Rings in a Crown and 8 Crowns in a throne (Urizen joined the Empire after the coins had been minted).

How does population growth fit with reincarnation?

Population change is an IC phenomenon. Reincarnation is a matter of IC faith. Reconciling IC phenomena with IC belief is the work of IC theology. The correlation between IC theology and OOC metaphysics will only be definitively revealed at the end of the Empire campaign as providing an OOC answer to an IC question before then removes any basis for IC debate.

Can we use historical philosophers as source material?

The section on Arete says "As Urizen is a land of countless philosophies if you wish to play a character with a detailed knowledge of philosophy, then the contemporary Greek philosophies such as Stoicism and Epicureanism are good source material, once adapted, for more esoteric Urizen philosophies. " The key words are "once adapted", it is useful to ensure that references and context are right for the setting. If you want IC philosophical documentation, then you are welcome to create your own up. Part of the reason we burnt down the libraries in the reign of Emperor Nicovar was to allow a little ambiguity in historical texts and wallpaper over any cracks between group histories.

Is there a breakdown of the types of magic in Empire?

Magic in Empire is based on the manipulation of the six realms. There will be more significantly more information released once the rules and setting are complete.

Can a Steinr be a Stormcrow?

Yes, any of the Winterfolk, the Steinr, Suaq or Kallavesi can be Stormcrows.

Will it be possible for magicians to ally with eternals?

The eternals are powerful inhabitants of the other realms that magicians can visit and bargain with. They are unique individuals, rather than a class or type, and those that appear in the game will be recurring characters with goals and ambitions of their own. Some magicians are likely to develop a rapport with some eternals over time, if they are able to find ways to work together.

Game Style

Are you designing the game through Facebook?

We are categorically not designing the game through the Facebook group. Partly because we like designing games, and partly because design-by-committee does not appeal. We listen to people's ideas, if people articulate an idea or concept that we hadn't thought of then of course we look at that. But we make a deliberate effort to pay absolutely no attention to people's opinions and tastes. Our game is much broader than the handful of loud voices on any one internet forum.

How lethal do you think the game will be?

It is impossible to know how lethal a game will be, since a lot depends on how smart the players are. However we want a game with a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and a massive constant churn of characters is incredibly disruptive to the ongoing integrity of a campaign. Consequently our preferred outcome is one where death is relatively uncommon and tends to happen when players are exceptionally unlucky or make serious mistakes on battlefields.

What happens to a territory when it is conquered?

A conquered territory is assigned as part of a nation based on a vote in the Senate.