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Coloured flowers are symbols of virture in Urizen

Also known formally as "The Festival of the Net of the Heavens," this is the best known and most widely celebrated festival in Urizen.

At the Spring Equinox, citizens of Urizen celebrate their personal nets by giving gifts of flowers (real, fake, abstract) to the people who impact their lives. There are seven colours of flower, one for each Virtue. The colour of the flower is a framing device that allows you to explain what you think of the person (or not). They are also a way for everyone to witness these links.

Colour Meaning
Blue Loyalty
Red Courage
White/Silver Wisdom
Purple Ambition
Pink Pride
Yellow/Gold Prosperity
Green Vigilance (sometimes translated as leaves around a flower, or a flower on its own)

There is also a helpful Urizen folk song to help with this.

Here are some examples of the messages one may wish to give::

  • You are the bravest person I know.
  • You lack Wisdom, but you are very Ambitious.
  • You always remind me where my Loyalties lie.
  • You must remember your Vigilance.

There have even been instances of people gifting entire bouquets of every virtue - gestures like these are always extreme and mean one of two things - either ‘to me you are everything’ or ‘you need a lot of work’.

In addition to the flowers, ribbons can be used. A person can wear ribbons to signify interest, or they could wrap a bouquet for their intended in the relevant colour. These are mostly red, to express the desire for physical affection, or pink to signify a more emotional bond, a confidence, or close friendship. Not everyone does this, so the presence of a red or pink ribbon with their flowers means interest, but the absence of one does not mean lack of interest. If the person who had been presented with the ribboned flowers wears them openly, then that signifies their acceptance of the offer.

Essentially, this is an important time of year to vent one’s feelings, clear the air, and shore up one's net. Some people use it as a time to be purposefully vague to force people to dwell on a particular virtue for a while. People sometimes give flowers sarcastically, as with one priest who gave an Ambition flower to his cardinal. Also it can be treated as a sort of Urizen Valentine’s day.

Tips for players new to Urizen: Some people give lots of flowers, some people give very few. There is no wrong way of doing it. If you are uncertain, or don’t feel that close to a lot of people in Urizen, then bring flowers for your spiremates, and a handful of spares for if you develop an interesting bond in uptime. There are also several sources for buying flowers on the field in up-time.