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Layer by layer

The following are suggestions on how to pull together costumes for three different characters in three simple layers. The aim is to show how a few simple, easy to source, and relatively cheap items can be combined to make a great costume


The first later here is a top (or dress) in pale colours. Almost any top could be used but a Sherwani or Kurta looks especially good and can be purchased in most towns in the UK.

For all genders a double-split skirt (or dress) could be worn for a high fantasy feel - perhaps in leather for extra armour cover. This can be made simply by cutting up to the waistband of an existing skirt, either side of the centre. Alternatively it can be made in two parts. It is shown full length here but could be worn knee length or over trousers.

A brestplate will look particularly Urizen if layered on next, under the robes.


For the second layer, a robe will look best. This could take many forms and lengths. Here it is shown short with split sleeves, which is another detail typical of Urizen. You could cut up to the arm seam of an existing robe and hem the edges to achieve this, or use this pattern.


The third layer is a sash and outer robe. The shape of the Japanese Kataginu will create a great look for an Urizen costume. By adding tassets here the armour is split up creating more layers.


Itinerant mages and traveling scholars


This look is loosely based on Jedi costumes. To avoid it looking too similar use colours such as greens and blues and perhaps use a Sherwani or Kurta for the first layer over trousers.


For travellers a shorter robe (or two) is practical for the next layer. This pattern is good for this layer and for a longer robe which could be worn over the top for warmth.


A suggestion for a third layer here would be a short sleeveless robe similar to a Japanese Jimbouri. A long hooded robe would be good for a travelling coat, worn over the top.

High mages


To create a majestic high mage look use multiple layers of loose robes. A sleeveless tunic gathered at the neckline and tied with a sash will make a good first layer. This could be made very simply by a novice tailor and offers a very cool option for hot events (pattern will be added). Alternatively a Sherwani or Kurta would once again be an easily available option, or you might want to chose a gown instead. This pattern is for a lovely Lord of the Rings inspired elven gown.


The second layer is once again a hooded robe like this to make it distinctively Urizen. Long belled sleeves make it very lavish.


Over this add a further robe with split sleeves (like this) or no sleeves. Made in velvet this would be warmer in winter months and would work well with a fur lining.

Below Is a demonstration of further layering to create an even more extravagant costume whilst still using the simple layers found in this section. Layer the long sleeveless tunic, then Sherwani or Kurta, robe, double-split skirt, mage armour hero belt, sash, split-sleeve robe, sleeveless robe, Jimbouri and finally mage armour such as this. Further suggestions for mage armour will follow.


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