Winter Solstice Elections

Each Winter Solstice, the citizens of Anvil elect, or otherwise appoint, the following positions:


Position Chosen by
Senator for Madruga Citizens of the Brass Coast
Senator for Astolat Citizens of Dawn
Senator for Necropolis Citizens of Highguard
Senator for Temeschwar Citizens of the League
Senator for Bregasland Citizens of the Marches
Senator for Hercynia Citizens of the Navarr
Senator for Zenith Citizens of Urizen
Senator for Miekarova Citizens of Varushka
Senator for Kallavesa Citizens of Wintermark
Conscience of the Senate The Cardinal of the Way

Military Council

Position Chosen by
General of the Hounds of Glory
General of the Winter Sun
General of the Strong Reeds
General of the Army of the Golden Axe Varushkan Senators
General of the Green Shield Army Winternark Senators

Imperial Synod

Position Appointed By
Cardinal of Prosperity Assembly of Prosperity
Cardinal of The Way Assembly of the Way
Gatekeeper of Prosperity Cardinal of Prosperity