A series of twenty-six mystical runes originated in Wintermark, and are now used by magicians and crafters all over the Empire.

Birds are important, as are their feathers. Designs of birds are common as personal emblems, and as devices on a Thane's banner. The Kallavesi, in particular, make extensive use of feathers.

The Three Tears is the national symbol, usually shown on a brilliant red background.

An arrangement of three interlinked rings called Borromean rings is a powerful image of Winterfolk unity.

The Winterfolk prefer bright colourful banners that can be seen well from a distance. A banner is a glorious shout or a challenge to the enemies of the Winterfolk, rather than a logistical aid to coordinate troop movements. Anyone on the battlefield that does not have a banner is treated with some suspicion, the implication being that they might wish to leave the battlefield without being seen. No true warrior skulks about.

Stringed instruments are traditional in Wintermark, meant to be played while the user sings or recites poetry, but trade with the Empire has made other instruments popular. Perversely only cheap or simple instruments are rune-marked, with traditional runic marks being kept for covers and bags in which the instruments are stored. It is claimed this is because the magic of the runes subtly interferes with the magic of the instrument. See Wintermark Music.