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The Players

Empire is our new fest LRP game. Against the background of an Empire at war, characters will be challenged to restore and extend their realms and fortunes. With the Empress slain, the collective player base are the most powerful individuals in the Empire. Their challenge is to lead the Empire to victory over its enemies.

The Empire

The Empire is formed from nine culturally distinct nations. Each nation has its own culture and customs but they are politically and legally unified. Although the players are all fundamentally on the same side there is rivalry between nations, with players competing with each other to lead the Empire and achieve their own goals.

The Wiki

Every detail of published material about Empire can be found on our wiki. It has everything you need to know about the Empire including the rules and setting. We update the wiki regularly with new information on current events in the world of Empire, so check back regularly.

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Next Empire Event

2024 Winter Solstice

Location: Dadford Road Campsite
Date: 26-Apr-2024
Current Price: £95.00
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