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Profound Decisions

Professional Live Roleplaying

About Us

We are a professional live roleplaying company that specialize in creating high quality events that focus on the actions of our players. We have been running events since 2004, starting with Maelstrom and then Odyssey.



We created Empire in 2013 to try to provide a rich immersive setting focussed on an empire ruled by the characters the players create. With over three thousand players at our last event, and well over four hundred crew, the game has proved incredibly popular.

New Players

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If you are new to live roleplaying, or just new to Profound Decisions, then we have a dedicated team ready to help you. If you have any questions about the game or our events then you can email us for any answers and help that you need.

Our Events

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Each year we run four events set in the Empire world. In 2024 all our events will be held at Dadford Road on the following dates:

  • Spring Equinox - 14th Jun to 16th Jun 2024
  • Summer Solstice - 26th Jul to 28th Jul 2024
  • Autumn Equinox - 13th Sep to 15th Sep 2024

Our Website


Once you've created an account you can use this website to to create a character or group for the game, and to book your tickets for any event.

Our Wiki


Our wiki is a vast resource that describes the Empire setting as well as the system rules. It contains everything you need to know to play the game. We update the wiki regularly, adding the news that is commonly known across the Empire before each new event.

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01772 724152


Profound Decisions,
PO Box 666, PR2 1ZW

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Empire Wiki

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Next Empire Event

2024 Summer Solstice

Location: Dadford Road Campsite
Date: 26-Jul-2024
Current Price: £85.00
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Booking early means that you can get your tickets at the cheapest possible price. The next booking deadline is 17-Jul-2024.

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