Welcome to the crew wiki! Here you will eventually be able to find out everything you need to know when crewing an Empire event. This wiki is in its infancy at the moment, but I hope that it will grow over time so that every resource that crew need to access can be found here.

What do I need to read?

Ideally all crew should ensure that they have read through the section of the wiki that is marked for all crew. This contains information that is relevant to everyone who crews an event, regardless of what job you are doing. In addition you need to read the sections of the wiki that apply to the department you are working in, whatever that is.


Who is it for?

This wiki is for every member of the Profound Decisions Empire crew. There will be resources here that sanctioned event organizers and some players may find useful also. But primarily it is intended as a resource to be used by Empire crew - to allow them to quickly and easily find information they need when crewing. It will also help new crew get up to speed with what is expected of them and what they can expect from the crewing experience.

Why create another wiki?

The content on our Empire public wiki is meant to be read by our players. The stuff on the crew wiki is intended to be read and used by our crew - we don't mind if players read this wiki - that's why it isn't secret. But the main wiki is already huge - we don't want to overload our players with stuff that is irrelevant for most of them. A separate wiki devoted just to crew can be focussed on the things we need for crewing - making it easier to find them.

We have another wiki for plot of course - but the plot wiki is just for members of the plot team. It is devoted to recording plot information and like the public wiki it is large and getting larger by the day. It's focus is very different to this wiki. And most importantly, most of our crew don't need access to that wiki. This wiki is for all the crew, not just the plot team.


What sort of things go here?

Everything! Profound Decisions should have just two places to keep data. Numerical data should be in our database, all other information relating to Empire should be kept in one of the three Empire wikis - the public wiki, the plot wiki or here on the crew wiki. The goal is to eliminate all other documents - as far as is humanly possible.

Don't forget that you can easily create new wiki pages to store information. But you can also upload .pdf files, word files, spreadsheets and similar. Content should be stored here - but that will include files that we need as well as just wiki pages.

This wiki should be a good place to put reffing decisions and ref rulings. It's a good place to put plot writing guidelines. It's a place to put information about how to get your meal tickets and your free drink from the bar. It's a place to put information about site layout and what is needed to put a tent up. It's a place to put any information that crew would benefit from access to.

What doesn't go here?

Two things - secret plot information should not be put here. This wiki is deliberately not secure - players can read it. So plot briefs and debriefs, campaign arcs and all information like that should not be put here. That goes on the plot wiki.

The other thing that should not be here is any IC details about the campaign setting that player-characters could reasonably know. Players can read this wiki - but they shouldn't have to. We should never be directing a player here to read some IC briefing document or similar. The correct place for all that information is on the public wiki.