Resupply the Seventh Wave with 42 wains
Resupply the Wolves of War with 43 wains
Resupply the Winter Sun with 43 wains
Resupply the Army of the Citadel with 42 wains

Approved by the Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies.


The actions are grouped together, but each would count as a separate announcement for purposes of the Imperial Synod veto.


  • Spring Solstice 378YE


  • 170 wains of Mithril and Weirwood provided by Janusz Dalibor von Temeschwar, Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies, after Spring Equinox 378YE
    • 42 wains for the Seventh Wave
    • 43 wains for the Wolves of War
    • 43 wains for the Winter Sun
    • 42 wains for the Citadel Guard

Campaign Outcome

  • Resupply an army using 42 wains restores fighting strength equal to 840 soldiers to the army.
  • Resupply an army using 43 wains restored fighting strength equal to 860 soldiers to the army.


This motion was approved by the Quartermaster General using the legal power to resupply armies granted by the Imperial Senate.