The Winds of War

The wars with the barbarian orcs continue. More will be reported soon.


Over the past three months, the following events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions:

A Miracle in Hahnmark

Miraculous auras of Prosperity have arisen within mines across Hahnmark. This has seen an influx of workers rushing to mine work with an increase in production, but has left local businesses short of labour. There is more information regarding this wondrous event here.

A Blight in Miaren

Reports have reached the civil service that a rare form of fungus has started to sprout within Miaren, and that this is having an adverse effect on her gardens in the area. However, this fungus is a natural medicinal for livestock which makes it sought after by farmers. There is more information here.


The following represent significant events, sometimes of a magical nature, that do not have obvious solutions.

A Curse on Sermersuaq

The citizens of Sermersuaq report a terrible affliction, as though the whole territory has been cursed. The ancestral home of the Suaq people is scoured by storms and snows not typically seen in Spring. A powerful force has affected the flows of mana and depleted them resulting in fewer mana crystals being produced.

Simultaneously, this storm appears to also be taking place within the body and soul of magicians within Sermersuaq. There have been reports of magicians feeling restless and uncomfortable, punctuated with bursts of being depressed and lethargic (excluding the briars) or sometimes short tempered and aggressive. (Note: The effect to which these roleplay effects endure in magicians travelling from Sermersuaq to Anvil is entirely at the discretion of the player. Where a player chooses this effect to be in place, it can be overcome in the usual ways.)