This page was updated throughout the event as elections and vacant positions occur (i.e. opportunities!). Now the event is over we will tidy up the last few position title holders before transferring this information over to the rolling record.

Imperial Senate

  • Senator for Kahraman: Qusay i Kalamar i Guerra
  • Senator for Semmerholm: Escalados de Carsenere
  • Senator for Casinea: Barrabas
  • Senator for Tassato: Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato , the incumbent
  • Senator for Upwold: Henry Ward
  • Senator for Therunin: Caerwyn Summer Crow, the incumbent
  • Senator for Morrow: Ariadne, the incumbent
  • Senator for Volodmartz:Vuk the wolf-eater
  • Senator for Hahnmark: Hengest Dun, the incumbent
  • Senator for Miekarova: Yelislaveta Syrnova Vlanich (as previous holder was executed)

Imperial Military Council

Imperial Synod

Imperial Conclave

Imperial Bourse