These are the ongoing changes to Imperial Titles during this summit. For a comprehensive list of all current and previous title holders, refer to Current Imperial titles.

Imperial Senate

  • Empress Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg of the League
  • Senator for Segura The Incumbent
  • Senator for Karsk Maarit
  • Senator for Reikos Balthasar Suns of Couros
  • Senator for Holberg Stern
  • Senator for Feroz Pedro i Taziel I Riqueza

Imperial Military Council

Horsa Tyrshalt was revoked from the above position on the grounds of deriliction of duty.

The senators for the nation reached a unanimous decision about who took each seat at the military council, so the matter was not needed to be brought before the Imperial Senate.

Imperial Synod

  • Cardinal of Ambition Serrusto Caeli Rezia di Tassato
  • Gatekeeper of Ambition Viviane de Coeurdefer
  • Virtue Inquisitor of Ambition Robin of Swindale
  • Cardinal of Courage Nina of Cantiarch's Hold
  • Gatekeeper of Courage Jorma Steelhail
  • Virtue Inquisitor of Courage The Incumbent
  • Gatekeeper of Prosperity Wilhemina Maryenkovich Poltova of Varushka
  • Virtue Inquisitor of Prosperity Vauraus Korppitkotka of Wintermark
  • Cardinal of Vigilance Irada Von Temeschwar
  • Gatekeeper of Vigilence Alys of Highguard
  • Virtue Inquisitor of Vigilence Martin Orchard
  • Gatekeeper of Wisdom Girthwynn Frythsdottir Tokling
  • Virtue Inquisitor of Wisdom Sariel of Highguard

Imperial Conclave

  • Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid: The Incumbent
  • Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path:The Incumbent who subsequently was killed in battle then replaced with Zephaniah
  • Archmage of Day: Maud
  • Archmage of Night: The Incumbent
  • Archmage of Spring: The Incumbent

The Grandmasters were appointed by the members of their orders who voted in a closed session.

As always, all other Imperial Conclave titles may be reappointed at any time through a Declaration of Candidacy.

Imperial Bourse

These Illum seats.Imperial seats were auctioned openly.

These national seats were appointed by secret voting by citizens of the nation who control certain personal resources.