Now the event is over this election results page contains the final results from The Summer Solstice 380YE..

Imperial Senate


  • The Brass Coast: Feroz: Oria
  • Dawn: Weirwater: The Incumbent
  • Highguard: Bastion: Brother Ibrahim the South Paw
  • The League: Sarvos: Alessandra Serafini
  • The Marches: Mitwold: The Incumbent
  • Navarr: Miaren: The Incumbent
  • Urizen: Redoubt: The Incumbent
  • Varushka: Karov: Irena Arkady
  • Wintermark: Sermersuaq: The Incumbent
  • Urizen: Spiral: Tanwyn Ankarien
  • Urizen: Zenith: Edmundo of Endsmeet

Other Imperial Senate positions

Sinecures appointed by the Senate

Military Council

  • The Brass Coast: Red Wind Corsairs: The Incumbent
  • Dawn: Golden Sun: Zoran Orzel
  • Highguard: Granite Pillar: The Incumbent
  • Imperial Orcs: Summer Storm: The Incumbent
  • The Marches: The Drakes The Incumbent
  • The Marches: The Tusks: The Incumbent
  • Navarr: Black Thorns: The Incumbent
  • Urizen: Army of the Citadel: The Incumbent
  • Varushka: Army of the Northern Eagle: Sullik
  • Wintermark: Fist of the Mountain: The Incumbent
  • The League: Towerjacks: Dietrich Nieschteri Rezia von Temeschwar

Imperial Synod

Imperial Conclave


Positions concerned with White Granite

  • The Night Quarry: Meric Freysson (406T)
  • The Arratan Gamble: Issebel Vittoria Barossa di Tassato Regario (325T)
  • Sutton Stone Quarries: Peter Carter (300T)
  • The Brilliant Shore: Gaterender Brik
  • The Granites of Veltsgorsk: Vitaly Grigorovich Dukov
  • Vigilant Swan: Azeal of Cantiarch's Hold
  • Damnation Cliffs: Not currently in Imperial hands

Positions concerned with Weirwood

  • Great Forest (Weirwood / Reduced term / up for auction at Winter 380YE): Azazel of Ravensfell (150T)

National Bourse positions: