This is a placeholder page for content that PD are actively working on.

This page was updated throughout the event as elections and vacant positions occured (i.e. opportunities!). Now the event is over we are tidying up the last few position title holders before we transfer this information over to the rolling historical record that can be found here

These non-scheduled titles have no current citizen holding them (e.g. lapsed, been vacated etc)


  • Senator for Kahraman:Incumbent
  • Senator for Semmerholm:Lady Josline Arwood
  • Senator for Casinea: Nira of Cantiarch's Hold
  • Senator for Tassato:Incumbent
  • Senator for Upwold: Incumbent
  • Senator for Therunin: Cybi Farkas
  • Senator for Morrow: Incumbent
  • Senator for Volodmartz: Asya olya Vickentivich
  • Senator for Hahnmark: Incumbent
  • Senatore for Mournwold (allocated by Senate to The Marches): Robert Dunlain
  • Senator for Redoubt (after previous was revoked): Marissa of Shattered spire
  • Senator for Zenith: (after previous was revoked): Previous incumbent was re-elected

Imperial Military Council

Imperial Synod

Imperial Conclave

As always, all other Imperial Conclave titles may be reappointed at any time through a Declaration of Candidacy.

Imperial Bourse


  • Imperial Wayleave: Breeta Dunning (6 thrones)
  • Imperial Wayleave: Lorenzo von Temeschwar (8 thrones)
  • Imperial Wayleave: Silas di Sarvos (8 thrones 4 crowns)

Imperial seats will be auctioned openly. Any citizen may bid for control of one of these valuable resource seats

  • Naming rights to the Northern Sinkhole: Lorenzo 'La Vulpe' von Temeschwar (5 thrones) - "Lorenzo's Deep Pockets"


Not available this event are the Legacy in Spiral (currently in the hands of the Grendel)

The Singing Caves in Mournwold has been conquered by the Empire. It can be allocated by the Imperial Senate as either an Imperial or National title. If it is made Imperial, it will be auctioned during the Winter Solstice for a three-season term; if it is made National it will likewise be appointed by the appropriate nation for a short term. As with all other mithril seats, the Singing Caves will be auctioned or appointed again in Autumn.