This page was updated throughout the event as elections and vacant positions occur (i.e. opportunities!). Now the event is over we have tidied up the last few position title holders and transferred this information over to the rolling historical record that can be found here and adjusted (where required) the Election schedule

Imperial Senate

  • Senator for Segura: Avisena i Kharizmi i Guerra, the incumbent (5.5 thrones)
  • Senator for Reikos: Cadeus, of the Shattered Tower, the incumbent
  • Senator for Holberg: Caerwyn von Holberg of the Feasting Crow
  • Senator for Mournwold: Robert Dunlain, the incumbent
  • Senator for Karsk: Maarit, the incumbent
  • Senator for Spiral: Tanwyn Ankarien (after it was allocated to Urizen in Senate)
  • Senator for Temeschwar: Giuseppe Sanguineo, The senator resigned following the last senate session.

Imperial Military Council

Imperial Synod

Imperial Conclave

Imperial Bourse