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The following individuals received visions of their past lives.
The following individuals received visions of their past lives.
* Ephron of Adina's Charge of Highguard
* Sian of the Eternal Family of Navarr
* Asael of Cantiarch's Hold of Highguard
* Brendan Brackensong of Navarr
* Thomas of Upwold of the Marches

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During the Spring Equinox 382YE Summit, the Imperial Synod raised 91 judgements.

Change of doctrine

No change of doctrine was attempted during the Summit.


Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
75 General That the vote to create the Golden Bridge via Summer magic was not done with all the pertinent information.
That in Conclave, the issue that Eleonaris in this construction was confirmed means that this Senator misinformed Senate.
This squanders the Prosperity of the Empire, it lacks Courage in not telling the truth.
This Motion must be vetoed.
Sammual Not upheld 364 - 504

Statement of principle

Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
9 Navarr We recognise the support given to the Navarr in fighting the Vallorn by the Marches. As such we wish to reward the Generals of the Tusks and the Bounders with an appropriate Testimony. Corey Wayfarer Upheld 163 - 0 Greater Majority
11 Urizen That all sword scholars unite under the banner of the disciples of the Tempest Jade Maiden to become an effective fighting force. Edmundo Upheld 116 - 0 Greater Majority
12 General Can souls fly free of the Labyrinth of cross the Howling Abyss when the body is in chains?
I ask every priest of the Synod to lead the foreign nation of Axos to outlaw slavery. To gather resources, and use their influence to further this aim.
The opportunity is before us now - 100 wains each of mithril, weirwood and white granite will enable Axos to act decisively and swiftly to outlaw slavery.
300 wains of resources is insignificant when measured against the lives of generations of slaves.
Let us act with Ambition, let us act with Benevolence.
Severin Teyhard von Holberg Not upheld, withdrawn at the request of the raising priest 245 - 84.
13 Highguard The rebuilding of the Lake at the Vigilant Swan is a message to all that there is nothing the Druj can take from us. Souls will be reborn, and anything else can be rebuilt and improved.
Death to the Druj.
Bartimaeus Upheld 264 - 0
16 General Imperial citizens should lead virtuous lives; they should have virtuous deaths.
Any Imperial citizen who finds their home occupied by forces hostile to the Way must follow in the footsteps of Thrace and rebel against their oppressors, destroy their supply lines, harass their troops, and assist Imperial armies in driving them out.
Citizens who perish do so for the Empire and the Way. The Synod recognises their sacrifice. A virtuous death will speed their spirit through the Labyrinth of Ages or their soul across the Howling Abyss.
Chandrenos Upheld 758 - 498
22 Navarr Aniera Exile’s End requests 75 crystal mana from the Vaults of the Sevenfold Path to assist Navarr armies in their virtuous fight against the Vallorn. Aniera Exile’s End Upheld 160 - 0 Greater Majority
24 Imperial Orc We believe that Virtuous Ancestors should be able to be Recognised by the Synod. We identify the following signs of Virtue in having relevance in such a Matter:
Sign of Legacy
Sign of Inspiration
Sign of Benevolence
SIgn of Salvation
Sign of Pilgrimage
Sign of Miracle
Sign of Revelation
Bonewall Col Upheld 83 - 0 Greater Majority
30 General Priests and Mages of the Empire! You have the ability to Insight and Detect magic. Use these on those that are seeking Imperial positions - for the safety of the Empire.
Those who have Imperial positions carry great responsibility. We do not want them to be under malign effects.
Jericho Upheld 1245 - 44
32 General The actions of Aarne Ceorling, Gatekeeper of Vigilance, in treating with The Whisper Gallery to obtain evidence to further our understanding of The Way, were motivated by Virtue.
Whatever the outcome of his trial for treason, the Imperial Synod should make use of the evidence so obtained.
Aarne Ceorling Not upheld 328 - 627
34 General The unique qualification for a Paragon is that they transcended the Labyrinth. The signs are a helpful tool that allows the virtuous to identify such souls so that we might inspire ourselves by their actions.
The signs of Paragon should not inform our actions. Virtue should. To purposefully imitate the signs alone is misguided.
Lev Unbound Upheld 697 - 353
40 Highguard Citizens of Reikos, be Vigilant should you find any Spider Jars. Report the location and do not approach without a mage. If possible the Jar should be boxed and sent to Sybela Cross Physic Hall. Otherwise, report the location. Sela of the Suns of Courous. Upheld 632 - 10 Greater Majority
44 Highguard We remember well the suffering inflicted by the Druj. The Highborn Assembly calls upon all citizens of Highguard to remember the Virtues of Prosperity, Loyalty and Pride. To throw open the doors of their homes to our cousins from Urizen and offer them safety and succour for as long as their homes lie in the hands of the Barbarian. Able of the Shattered Tower Upheld 550 - 0 Greater Majority
45 Highguard The armies of Highguard - The Granite Pillar, The Seventh Wave and the Valiant Pegasus - have fought many wars against the enemies of the Empire. But no foe is more deserving of war than the Druj. The Highguard Assembly recognises the sacrifice and virtue of our soldiers and calls upon any citizens capable of doing so to lend their arm to the destruction of the Druj in Zenith and beyond. Absalom Upheld 456 - 48 Greater Majority
46 Highguard Reikos may appear to be reborn, but a disease lurks in its heart. The Highborn Assembly calls upon all virtuous citizens of Reikos and beyond to REJECT and REPULSE the ETERNAL LLOFIR and do whatever is necessary to drive him from our home. We must STOP the ROT growing at the heart of the Empire WHATEVER THE COST. Clariel Upheld 318 - 224
47 Highguard ...when someone falls in Vallorn miasma, they do not die, trapping their souls…” - Navarr National Assembly, Winter 381YE.
The National Assembly believes that walking the trods to weaken the Vallorn now also has a religious calling, and that walking the trods should be encouraged for all nations to save as many souls as we can.
Malachi of the Shattered Tower Upheld 538 - 0 Greater Majority
49 General The Vallorn spawn husks have souls trapped with them, both human and orc, including Imperial souls. This can be observed by the use of Insight upon the husk. The Advisor on the Vallorn, Siân Eternal, has collated evidence of this. This, the Vallorn, is the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire. Raewyn Eternal Upheld 969 - 213
53 Imperial Orc The best long-term way to encourage greater Virtue among Orcish souls is for the virtuous Orc souls to cross the Howling Abyss.
To prevent Orcish souls from facing the Howling Abyss would deny the creation of new virtuous ancestors.
Skywise Tulva Upheld 72 - 0 Greater Majority
54 General The degradation of Slavery denies slaves the exercise of Virtue.
They must rebel to have Virtue and such rebellion is not anarchy.
Bloodcrow Ergot Upheld 552 - 421
55 General We would like to celebrate those priests who are active in the Synod by the creation of a Synod Roll of Honour that records and publishes each season the number of times each priest votes within the Synod. Skywise Gralka Upheld 753 - 400
56 Urizen We believe that while it is important to reclaim Zenith from the Druj we must not do so at the expense of the human and orc souls trapped by the Vallorn in Liathaven. Armenius Neverwatch Upheld 110 - 10
58 Urizen The people of Urizen do not trust the Senate of the Empire to make decisions in the best interests of our nation and the Empire as a whole.
(Based on the National debate and vote last Summit.)
Stilicho Not upheld 20 - 104
60 General We, the Synod, hold that National Assemblies play a crucial role in the guidance and shaping of Virtue within the Empire. They provide an irreplaceable good for our nations, showing Pride in our different cultures and putting focus on matters of importance to the nation that can be solved no other way. Any usage of these bodies to promote schisms or disloyalty is an Abuse of Powers and must be prosecuted as such. Casimir Marcellino di Sarvos Upheld 649 - 425
61 Prosperity The Chantry of the Silver Skull are pleased to announce that the Prosperity of the Empire was greatly demonstrated during this year’s miser-smiting festival.
Young citizens aged 16 or under are encouraged to apply to the ‘Young Benefactors fund” for the provision of:
13 Thrones, 2 Crowns, 12 rings.
A selection of herbs & potions.
5 Artisan’s Oils.
6 Mana crystals.
12 Liao.
3 Ambergelt
1 Wain of mithril.
Tova of the Chantry Upheld 135 - 0
62 General The General Assembly ask the Sevenfold Path to support the Arcane Projection of “Thought Imprisons the Mind” being put into Imperial Law. This ritual/curse would prevent a magician from using a ritual they had not mastered, and therefore could stop dangerous Arcane Projections (Territory level or other) from being used. Ciancus Archmage of Day is leading this process. Alys Upheld 586 - 242
63 Navarr Sacrifice is in our blood. We, the National Assembly, urge all citizens to tighten their belts and offer all possible support to resupplying the Blackthorn’s Army.
The Empire needs out might at full strength sooner rather than later.
Harwyn Hollowatcher Upheld 146 - 0 Greater Majority
64 Varushkan Varushka recognises the virtue and integrity of Lycier of Phoenix Reach who, by his actions saved the lives of over seventy Varushkans and potentially hundreds of others. Alderal Upheld 64 - 0
68 Freeborn The rebels of the Iron Confederacy were heretics and bandits, who were offered refuge but refused and decided to use our territories as a base for their raids. Their treatment does not set a precedent for the treatment of Zemress settlers. Immeldar i Ezmara i Erigo Upheld 86 - 0 Greater Majority
69 Freeborn Donating money and resources to support Imperial military action is not unprosperous. The gain is not monetary, but increased safety and security allows prosperous activities to proceed uninterrupted. Figaro i Ignacio i Guerra Upheld 86 - 0 Greater Majority
70 Courage The Courage Assembly believes that Clarice Novarion has demonstrated inspiration in her Courage by showing the strength of the human spirit in her ongoing fight, after being cruelly broken.
We are not defined by the actions taken upon us, but instead by the actions we take.
Odelina de Rondell Upheld 152 - 0 Greater Majority
73 Navarr The Navarr will be casting “Wither the Seed” in Liathaven at the Summer Summit 382YE. This is done to fight our ancestral enemy and the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire. We do this in Loyalty to the nation, the Empire, and The Way.
We urge all individuals to leave the territory before this to preserve their Prosperity. This is the will of the people.
Ranulf Upheld 108 - 0
74 League We encourage the famed architect Menno van Ritsjhof to display his virtue by offering his architectural expertise to the Freeborn in constructing ambitious fortifications in Madruga. Serrusto Upheld 206 - 0 Greater Majority
76 Pride It is an insult to the Pride of the Empire to allow slaves to be taken on Imperial soil.
Whatever the legal technicalities, this was the consequence of allowing forces from the Iron Confederacy to assault the group of rebel slaves this season.
We must do better than this.
Daniel of Jeremiah’s Welcome Upheld 237 - 0 Greater Majority
77 Freeborn The Freeborn take their virtues very seriously (though not in the absence of fun). Our prosperous trading traditions, and our honesty and directness, are ingrained in our everyday virtue.
The Broken Wheel is an age-old tradition where the Freeborn perform a kind of mass performance art, showing what chaos would ensue if we did not cleave to virtue as we do.
In the interest of fun and spectacle this counterpoint often takes the form of a humorous extreme - an aspect of the festival Freeborn are familiar and comfortable with, and an aspect we wish to help other nations come to understand. The following day all reflect upon the events of the Broken Wheel, with a renewed perspective and appreciation of virtue. The Sutannir of the Brass Coast take particular care to look to the souls of their congregations at this time.
Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra Upheld 42 - 0
78 Marcher We the Marcher Assembly request any willing exorcists to visit Honour’s Rest in the Mourne to assist in guiding restless souls to the Labyrinth or across the Howling Abyss as appropriate. Albert Fugglestone Copperhill Upheld 80 - 0 Greater Majority
79 Nine We the Assembly of Nine ask the Silent Bell to investigate the Freeborn of the Maw who are idolators. They worship Rhianos and Siakha, and commit human sacrifice. We ask that you find the names of their notable persons, find out where they are, and any information that could be used to bring them to account for their idolatry. They are believed to be in Fontargenta, Feroz. Irada von Temeschwar Upheld 7 - 0 Greater Majority
80 Wisdom Knowingly getting addicted to a substance manufactured by the Druj is worthy of Chastisement. Osfrid of Wyven’s Watch Upheld 136 - 0
82 Freeborn The Empire is made stronger by the diversity of its Nations united by the Way. National myths and traditions are not by the nature unvirtuous and we should celebrate our differences and be Proud of our heritage. Mazo i Zabala i Erigo Upheld 42 - 0
83 Urizen Meda Ruth Irremais, Belisarius Blackheart, and Tarquinius are to investigate the nature and effects of the Black Plateau, and to continue to counter its malign effects on Imperial Citizens through the use of Virtue. Medea Ruth Irremais Upheld 60 - 0
84 General There should be a clear record of upcoming inquisitions, detailing time, place and target, on the Synod board; so that interested parties - especially those busy on Imperial business - can attend. This should be updated by the priest raising the Judgement at the time of raising (or by their delegate) and marked as passed or failed when this is known. Bethany Upheld 863 - 49
85 Navarr The Navarr National Assembly would like to offer thanks to the mages of Urizen for the major casting of “Clarity of the Master Strategist” on the Marcher armies assisting in Liathaven. These Wise and Loyal users of magic assisted greatly. We invite Urizen to send a couple of these mages they choose to receive testimonies if they wish, recognising this effort and to show our gratitude. Meredith Nighthaven Upheld 116 - 0
90 Navarr Following the Assembly of Nine stating that the Vallorn are the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire AND that husks trap souls, we the Navarr Assembly believe that EVERY priest should preach that message to their congregation to warn off the threat. Alban Upheld 148 - 0 Greater Majority
91 Marcher The Marcher Assembly requests 15 mana and 5 Dragonbone from the Sevenfold Path vaults, to pursue Good Walder’s inspiration of rewarding the deserving. You may view this true spiritual inspiration in the spontaneous true aura upon Bastard Tom of Stoke. Martin Orchard Upheld 80 - 0 Greater Majority


Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
25 Navarr The destruction of the vallorn is our reason for existing. Created by our ancestors, it is our responsibility to deal with it, and to free the spirits it has trapped eternally between life and death. We have walked the trods, but now it is time to take up spear and shield against the vallorn of Liathaven. We send Elowen Exile’s End with 25 doses of liao to urge all the thorns of Navarr to join together to drive the vallorn from Liathaven, inasmuch as that is possible. Elowen Exile’s End Not upheld, withdrawn at the request of the raising priest 90 - 0
27 Wintermark We do not compromise even with ourselves. The mantle of the hero is not easily shrugged on and off again, it is a quality of the soul that endures beyond life. We send Gunnbrand Ironwill with 50 doses of liao to remind all the people of Wintermark of the path that we all walk. Gunnbrand Ironwill Upheld 236 - 0 Greater Majority


The Synod made the following judgements of excommunication, inquisition, revocation, and sanction.

Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
3 General Inquisition: I summon Magnus Prochnost to Inquisition regarding what happened in Spiral and the actions and discussions that led to the Black Plateau waking up; on Saturday 1pm at the Military Council Tent. Amahel Upheld 345 - 50
4 General Excommunication: Magnus Prochnost, General of the Iron Helms, should be Excommunicated for this orders and actions to his army in Spiral this last season, specifically the use of the cabal to call upon the dark pact of the Sovereigns to awaken the Black Plateau.
The accursed powers unleashed doomed thousands of souls to be lost in the Labyrinth, their minds twisted by the false Virtues of Fear and Hatred, and closed to Wisdom by the confusion and madness that followed.
Ozren Ivarovich Severyan Not upheld 201 - 975
6 General Acceptance: The General Assembly of the Synod recognise Silvio de Tassato’s Virtue and welcome him back to the Way. He has shown great Prosperity, from gifting powerful rituals to Imperial lore to dedicating his soldiers to the Empire’s Wars. We believe that Silvio must be Re-communicated, his penance is done, he is ready to be a part of the Empire once more. Cesare Enzo Di Trivento Upheld 1504 - 167 Greater Majority
7 Ambition Inquisition: The Ambition Assembly call the Imperial citizen Medea Ruth of Urizen to Inquisition. She is requested and required to attend for Inquisition in the Hub at 6pm on Saturday to answer questions regarding her actions in the name of Ambition, with a special focus on the placement of auras in public and significant places in Anvil. Ranae de Rondell Upheld 82 - 0
8 General Acceptance: After 2 years of penance, learning and dedicated work, it is time to acknowledge my Virtues and my return to the Way.
I, Jonah von Holberg, will be found in the Hub while voting is open to discuss my journey with those who believe that Souls can be Redeemed.
Jonah von Holberg Upheld 1496 - 121 Greater Majority
18 Wisdom Vindication: I, Sariel of the Shattered Tower, in reference to the inquisition of Diras Irameaus, do hereby vindicate the coven for the actions when casting Whispers through the Black Gate.
I believe that through Wisdom they weighed all the options and acted virtuously for the betterment of the Empire.
Sariel Upheld 132 - 0
20 Wintermark Revocation: We call for Revocation of Axhind, General of the Fists of the Mountain.
Let it be clear that the masterful command and iron discipline that Axhind demonstrates is recognised and celebrated, as are the many victories his skill has wrought.
Due to his absence, and only for this reason, do we call this Judgement.
Seaver Upheld 164 - 0
21 Vigilance Penance: Following the Inquisition of Volfe Ashenhall I escalate to a Penance from my findings.
Through Vigilance shall you be saved,
Thorns and boughs in darkness braved,
Let not our lands be rent and torn,
Reclaim the knowledge, or slay Vallorn.
So shall his soul be marked solely with the following, until he is redeemed through his penance in the eyes of the Vigilant:
”Blind Fool”
Ser Ancel Watcher Upheld 95 - 20
28 Wintermark Inquisition: I call Nukilik Adamantine to inquisition, to be held at 6pm Saturday at the Rookery in the Wintermark camp, to discuss the matter of the Krampus. Helka Ingesdottir Upheld 146 - 0
29 Wintermark Inquisition: I call Qimmiq Swiftblade to inquisition, to be held at 6pm Saturday at the Sigehold Hall in the Wintermark camp, to discuss the matter of the Krampus. Rafe Upheld 144 - 0
31 Wisdom Inquisition: I call Ingar Rakshasa of Dawn to an inquisition regarding possible signs of Exemplarhood at 2p, Saturday, House Rakshasa in Dawn. Galene Netherwatch Upheld 114 - 0
33 Prosperity Vindication: Following intense Inquisition, the Prosperity Assembly announce the VINDICATION of Prince Jonah of the Printer’s Guild. He has shown Prosperous Action, and as such is to receive the Testimony “Prosperous Citizen”. Yarona of the Chantry Upheld 102 - 0
35 Prosperity Inquisition: I call Tomasz Strascovich of the Vorazi of Varushka to inquisition at the Chantry of the Silver Skull, Highguard on the Saturday of the Autumn Summit 382YE at 4pm, to be conducted by Kerem, daughter of the Chantry. Kerem of the Chantry Upheld 134 - 10
36 Prosperity Inquisition: Ziva of the Chantry calls Brother Dagun of the Shattered Tower, Highguard to inquisition for this miserly actions. To occur at 1pm Sunday at the Chantry of the Silver Skull. Ziva of the Chantry Upheld 131 - 26
37 Prosperity Inquisition: Corvus of the Auric Horizon is called to Inquisition in the tent of the Chantry of the Silver Skull in Highguard at 1pm on Sunday of this Summit. He has been chosen by the Auric Horizon to answer accusations of miserliness against their Spire in the matter of refusing to enter certain rituals into Imperial lore. Inquisition to be conducted by Onan of the Chantry of the Silver Skull. Onan of the Chantry Upheld 157 - 0 Greater Majority
38 Prosperity Inquisition: Yarona of the Chantry of the Silver Skull calls to inquisition Cesare Sanguinaeo Rezia di Tassato to answer accusations of miserliness, at the Chantry tent, Highguard, 1pm Sunday. Yarona Upheld 118 - 26
39 Dawnish Vindication: Having inquisited Griselda Silvertongue I find that the evidence of word and Insight exonerates them They are a Troubadour of Pride that we can be proud of, and the Order of Eternal Ambition are encouraged to heed Griselda’s teaching.
Thank you, Griselda, for a pleasant and friendly Inquisition! Your pal, Ser Tom.
Ser Thomas Aurelius Upheld 74 - 0
41 General Inquisition: We request an audience for Inquisition for the Asavean Architect Almodin Oktístis so we can better understand the commission brief and nature of his buildings within the Empire, at the Summer Solstice Summit 382YE, 3pm Saturday, at the Hub. Veikko Upheld 1020 - 31
42 Vigilance Inquisition: I, Ser Ancel Watcher, Knight Errant of Dawn call forth Solomon of the Shattered Tower for Inquisition, to discuss accusations of idolatry raised against him.
We shall meet at 9:30 Saturday at the tent of the Virtuous Printer’s Guild in the League. May we meet as equals in this field of agreed
Ser Ancel Watcher Not upheld 55 - 64
50 Loyalty Revocation: Revoke Illaria Notturno di Sarvos as Quaymaster of the Black Sails. She has left Anvil and does not intend to return. Tarquinius Ankerien Upheld 128 - 0
51 General Inquisition: Bloodcrow Losak calls Lilian Unbound to Inquisition in the Imperial Orc camp at 5pm on Saturday of the Summer Solstice to answer for her accusations that the Synod have strayed from the way by admitting our people. Bloodcrow Losak Upheld 569 - 120
52 General Penance: I escalate my Judgement of Inquisition of Magnus Prochnost to Penance: to undergo Pilgrimage, the route determined by the Varushkan National Assembly.
This must be taken in the next two seasons.
He should also write an account of the Pilgrimage to discuss with myself and other priests, one the Pilgrimage is completed.
Amahel Upheld 583 - 283
57 Urizen Inquisition: The Urizen National Assembly wishes to Inquisit Tanwyn Ankarien in relation to statements during a debate on the proposed Grendel Treaty. To be held at the Summer Solstice Summit 382YE, 3pm Saturday, Scarlet Guard Tent. Sejanus Upheld 102 - 0
65 Wintermark Castigation: Following Inquisition of Qimmiq Swiftblade by Rafe, I call upon Wintermark to CASTIGATE THEM. I ask that they be required to be placed under the guidance of a Stormcrow approved by the Assembly, to ensure they are educated in the Way and our traditions. Rafe Upheld 230 - 0 Greater Majority
66 Wintermark Condemnation: Following the Inquisition of Nukilik Adamantine by Helka Ingesdottir. I call upon Wintermark Stormcrows to condemn Nukilik for their actions against the Krampus.
The actions taken were, by their admission, unwise - lacking proper preparation and knowledge.
They also showed a lack of Loyalty to their fellow priests by acting alone.
Helka Ingesdottir Not upheld 111 - 129
67 Freeborn Inquisition: The Freeborn National Assembly call Gomez i Souza i Guerra to Inquisition on Sunday after the battle in the Star tent at 1pm regarding his actions as General, and specifically actions taken in Spiral. In the spirit of transparency, this will not be a private matter and anyone is welcome to observe. Al-Cidi Margrace Upheld 86 - 0 Greater Majority
71 General Vindication: We find Adal de Guvadian and the Hand of Dumon despite differences have an understanding of the Virtues, and a desire to live Virtuous lives.
The Empire should support them in their path to live Virtuous lives.
Palladius of Urizen Upheld 419 - 81
72 Dawn Inquisition: To summon Ser Gwyn of the Order of Eternal Ambition for Inquisition at 3pm Saturday of the Summer Solstice Summit 382YE in House Rakshasa, Dawn. We need to answer the questions that we found together. Savik Summerstorm Upheld 72 - 0
81 Navarr We call Willa on her request to Inquisition over her alleged actions within the Conclave and her declaration of Imperial intention. To meet Friday 7.30pm of the next Summit of attendance, at the Umbral Path Camp. Brat Umbralpath Upheld 96 - 0.
86 Prosperity Vindication: Following an Inquisition of Nicholas Reaper at the Winter Solstice 381YE, I find that his general activities are both Prosperous and more widely Virtuous. In particular he dedicates his time to helping all people of The Marches, from Lords to Yeomen, to get the most from their farms. This takes significant effort but helps the Prosperity of The Marches and the Empire. He is truly a Virtuous Farmer.
There are more examples of his virtue. See me if you want them.
Vauraus Korppitkotka Upheld 135 - 0
87 Courage Inquisition: Through the trial of Inquisition, Elanor Novarion shall be tested to show the strength of her soul.
She has agreed to submit to this. Place: Highborn Chapel. Time - Sunday 10am.
Lucifer Upheld 125 - 0
89 Freeborn Inquisition: An Inquisition of Chiara i Zidone i Riqueza in relation to the matter of the Iron Confederacy crossing our borders to kill their escaped slaves. To be held at 7pm on Friday of the Summer Solstice 382YE Summit at the Three Sister’s teahouse. J’Zarr i Shartha i Guerra Upheld 70 - 0 Greater Majority


Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
19 Prosperity Following two inquisitions of Achilles of Damakan's Forge, we, the Prosperity Assembly, recognise him as an Exemplar of Prosperity. Vauraus Korppitkotka Upheld 109 - 32
23 General I put forward Asher of Felix’s Watch, former Cardinal of Courage, as a Paragon of Courage. His signs are thus:
Inspiration: Many of the assembly and Highguard still carry Asher’s words as a guiding influence. Abbadon de Rondell and Clarice Novarion of Dawn come to mind as obvious names, as well as Imperial citizens across the Empire – most notably Highguard, Urizen, the Marches and Dawn.
Legacy: Tom of Upwold created the spear of Courage known as Oathkeeper, which Asher placed a Hallowing of the Bull (strength of twelve priests) upon with True Liao. Asher also wielded an artefact zweihander called Daring Rescue that encouraged whoever used it to protect those that they had healed, no matter the cost.
Miracle: Asher’s body spontaneously vanished from the chapel in Anvil, leaving behind a spontaneous Courage consecration of the strength of seven priests. His soul was also not traceable via Whispers Through the Black Gate when it was cast to speak with him after his body disappeared.
Liberation: When Whispers through the Black Gate was cast to communicate with Asher on his death in Spring 380, rather than his spirit or other entity appearing, the Anointing known as the Purity of Courage spontaneously manifested upon all the ritualists souls with the strength of seven priests. This did not disappear as normal but has proven permanent. We hold that the inability to contact Asher’s spirit, his body’s disappearance and the spontaneous permanent auras upon the ritualists and the Chapel as evidence of Asher’s Liberation from the Labyrinth.
Recognition: It has been confirmed that Asher was Ruth, wife of Permion, through his True Liao Vision. She was the one who hid the maps leading to the body of Permion with the body of Atuman. A Hallowed artefact brooch belonging to Ruth was recovered, and subsequently worn by Asher until his death. It is currently in the possession of Naomi of Felix’s Watch.
Pilgrimage: Asher, following his vision as Ruth in Spring 377, committed to a two-fold Pilgrimage. First to recover the maps he hid as Ruth, then leading a band of Heroes to recover the body of Permion in Winter 378
Levitia of Urizen Not upheld 731 - 361


At the Summit, the following appointments were made by the Assemblies of the Synod:

Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
1 Ambition Appointment of the Cardinal. Civil Service Viviane de Couerdefer of Dawn was reappointed.
2 Vigilance Appointment of the Cardinal. Civil Service Irada von Temeschwar of The League was reappointed. Greater Majority
15 Assembly of Nine Appointment of the High Bard. Civil Service Irina Akulineuna Kotor was appointed.
17 Loyalty Appointment of Cora’s Claviger. Civil Service Jared of the Suns of Courous was appointed.
26 Highguard Appointment of the Castellan of the Silent Sentinel. Civil Service Rhesa of the Scions of Ravensfell was appointed.

Appointments by Cardinals:

The Cardinal of Ambition reappointed Corey Wayfarer of Navarr as their Gatekeeper, and Ranae de Rondell of Dawn as their Virtue Inquisitor.
The Cardinal of Vigilance appointed Sela of the Suns of Courous of Highguard as their Gatekeeper, and Ser Ancél of House Vexille of Dawn as their Virtue Inquisitor.
The Cardinal of the Way, Atla of the Imperial Orcs, appointed Chainbreaker Snark of the Imperial Orcs to the position of Imperial Chaplain Consular.


Number Assembly Judgement Raised By Outcome
5 General I request 48 Thrones from the Virtue Fund to purchase White Granite through the Cavabianca Dock Ministry. The intent is to give this White Granite to Axos to speed up their outlawing of slavery, to Severin of the House of Seven Mirrors.
Use White Granite from Asavea to end slavery in Axos.
The Cavabianca Dock in the League buys White Granite from Asavea, a nation that has slaves.
There is no use this White Granite can be put to that will not bear the taint of slavery.
Let the Synod purchase this White Granite, and use it to enable Axos to outlaw slavery.
48 Thrones from the Virtue Fund puts Asavean “bloody granite” to a Virtuous use.
If the purchase cannot be achieved, 48 Thrones will be returned to the Virtue Fund.
Lieselotte Von Holberg Upheld 734 - 246. Paid.
10 General The General Assembly rewards Gunnbrand Ironwill the sum of 30 Thrones for his historic and current work in the promotion of Courage amongst the armies of Wintermark, and the wider Empire.
It is the understanding of the General Assembly that these funds are to be used in the development of Wintermark’s capability to raise a fourth army, or in the commissioning thereof.
Kaisa Vieno Maegening Upheld 546 - 439. Paid.
14 General To reward Lieselotte Von Holberg 10 Thrones for her good work as Master of the Mint in which she has provided clear guidance to the Senate. Marcus Drommond Upheld 591 - 356. Paid.
43 General As High Exorcist, I withdraw 7 Thrones, pursuant to my duties. This is on the understanding that this power is reverted to a Senate stipend as soon as is economically feasible.
As a power of the High Exorcist this Judgement passes without a vote.
Solas of Urizen Upheld automatically. Paid.
48 General With my appointment as Imperial Chaplain Consular, I wish to withdraw my 5 Thrones to use SOLELY in matters of faith.
As a power of the Imperial Chaplain Consular this Judgement passes without a vote.
Chainbreaker Snark Upheld automatically. Paid.
59 General Reward Livia Cascade 5 Thrones to purchase Liao and accoutrements for the duties of Seer of the Gateway.
”As a power of the Seer of the Gateway, this Judgement passes without a vote.
Livia Cascade Upheld automatically. Paid.
88 General To rewards Sagua of the Brass Coast 25 Thrones from the Virtue Fund for her ambition to regain Atun’s Ring (the ring, not just a ring). It was revealed to her in a Past Life Vision as she placed it for safe keeping in Ephisis’ Scales vault. She has proudly told her story and requested funds from nations, covens and sects. Her intentions once she has the ring are Virtuous. To have it investigated by mages and priests, and if found safe to use, to allow use by all of the Empire, starting by allowing the Academy to learn from it. Hembeneth i Guerra Upheld 493 - 288. Paid.

The Virtue Fund

The following represents the Virtue Fund of the Synod:

Starting Value 93 Thrones / 2 Crowns / 2 Rings
Income 90 Thrones The price paid in the Bourse Auction for the dose of True Liao.
Rewards 5 Thrones Rewarding made to Martin Orchard at the Winter Solstice 381YE Summit, Reference of the Synod 67, raised by Frances Preacher.
30 Thrones Rewarding made to Sunhammer Dav, Irontide Vio and Bloodcrow Yargol at the Winter Solstice 381YE Summit, Reference of the Synod 75, raised by Cardinal Atla.
48 Thrones Rewarding made to Lieselotte Von Holberg.
30 Thrones Rewarding made to Gunnbrand Ironwill.
10 Thrones Rewarding made to Lieselotte Von Holberg.
7 Thrones Rewarding made to Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun, High Exorcist.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Chainbreaker Snark, Imperial Chaplain Consular.
5 Thrones Rewarding made to Livia Cascade, Seer of the Gateway.
25 Thrones Rewarding made to Sagua of the Brass Coast.
Closing Value 18 Thrones / 2 Crowns / 2 Rings


The following individuals received visions of their past lives.

  • Sian of the Eternal Family of Navarr
  • Brendan Brackensong of Navarr
  • Thomas of Upwold of the Marches

The Imperial Titles of the Synod

At the end of the Winter Equinox, 381YE, the Imperial Titles in the Synod were held by:

Virtue Cardinal Gatekeeper / Conscience Virtue Inquisitor
Ambition Viviane de Coeurdefer of Dawn Corey Brackensong (formerly Wayfarer) of Navarr Ranae de Rondell of Dawn
Courage Jorma Steelhail of Wintermark Nina of Cantiarch's Hold Lucifer, Son of Cyrus of Highguard
Loyalty Veikko of Wintermark Tess of the Marches Corwin Leafstalker of Navarr
Pride Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato of The League Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra of The Brass Coast Rane Jorunsdottir of Wintermark
Prosperity Cesare Enzo di Trivento Morgan Leafstalker of Navarr Yarona of The Chantry of the Silver Skull
Vigilance Irada von Temeschwar of the League Sela of the Suns of Courous Ser Ancel of House Vexille.
Wisdom Abaddon De Rondell of Dawn Amris of Varushka Galene Netherwatch
The Way Atla of the Imperial Orcs Mel Greenhill of The Marches Yarrick Ursan of Wintermark

Other Synod-Appointed Titles

Title Held By Appointed By Renews
High Exorcist Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun, Urizen Assembly of Nine Winter Solstice
Auditor of Senatorial Accountability Vauraus Korppitkotka Assembly of Nine Spring Equinox
Imperial Inquisitor Martin Orchard of the Marches Assembly of Nine Summer Solstice
Custodian of the Imperial War Memorial Sister Magdalena of the Shattered Tower, Highguard Highguard National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication
Imperial Chaplain Consular Chainbreaker Snark of the Imperial Orcs Cardinal of the Way Spring Equinox
Seer of the Gateway Livia Cascade of Urizen Assembly of Nine Until death, revocation or abdication
High Bard of the Empire Irina Akulineuna Kotor Assembly of Nine Spring Equinox
Voice of Barbs Meredith Nighthaven Navarr National Assembly Winter Solstice
Curator of the Printer's Guild Museum Taddea Ginori of the League Cardinal of Prosperity Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication. When a new Cardinal of Prosperity is appointed they may choose to name a replacement.
Curator of the White City Museum Apollos of Highguard Highguard National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Watcher of Britta's Pool Gunnbrand Ironwill of Wintermark Wintermark National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Dean of Laroc Cathedral Odelina de Rondell of Dawn Dawn National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Crow Keeper of the Rest Nils Bardstrom of Wintermark Wintermark National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Guardian of Giselle's Tomb Casimir Marcellino di Sarvos of the League League National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Quaymaster of the Black Sails Vacant Loyalty Assembly Autumn Equinox
Friar of Honour's Rest Albert Fugglestone-Copperhill Marcher National Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Claviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast Jared of the Suns of Courous Loyalty Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.
Castellan of the Silent Sentinel Rhesa of the Scions of Ravensfell Highguard Assembly Sinecure; until death, revocation or abdication.

Assembly Strength

At the start of the summit the voting total of the General Assembly was calculated to be 2607.

The final voting total of the General Assembly was calculated to be 2930.

The Civil Service reminds citizens that determining whether a Judgement has achieved a Greater Majority counts from the estimation of the relevant Assembly strength when scrutiny on the Judgement closes, not the final Assembly strength at the end of the summit.

At the end of the Spring Equinox 382YE Summit the voting strength of the Virtue and National Assemblies were estimated to be:

Virtue Assembly Initial Voting Strength Final Voting Strength Final Greater Majority
Ambition 210 260 131
Courage 258 304 153
Loyalty 394 442 222
Pride 399 419 211
Prosperity 251 303 152
Vigilance 285 368 185
Wisdom 326 350 176
The Way 484 484 243
General 2607 2930 1466

National Assembly Initial Voting Strength Final Voting Strength Final Greater Majority
Brass Coast 126 136 69
Dawn 316 316 159
Highguard 686 816 409
Imperial Orcs 126 126 64
The League 250 288 145
The Marches 110 120 61
Navarr 217 257 129
Urizen 208 218 110
Varushka 190 228 115
Wintermark 378 425 213
General 2607 2930 1466