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Downtime will be open shortly, allowing players to process their character's downtime choices. The Spring Equinox winds of fortune will come out shortly before the next event (which is 26th July to 28th July). However, there are a number of significant events happening in the wake of the Spring Equinox that may affect some players' Downtime actions - primarily effects on personal resources or options for characters with military unit or fleet personal resources.

As a temporary measure we'll be outlining, and offering some context for, these various effects on this page. In each case, there will be further information in the Summer Solstice Winds of Fortune - once they're ready, they'll replace this content. As always, these are quick OOC summaries to explain effects such as large-scale enchantments and curses. We'll cover all these and more when we start to present the Winds of Fortune for next event.

Downtime is due to close at midnight on TBC.


Any players whose character controls a military unit can choose from a number of downtime options. Left to their own devices, a military unit defaults to paid work guaranteeing an income of herbs, ingots or measures, money, or mana crystals. Otherwise, they may log into the downtime system and choose to support an army or fortification, or assign to a special project such as a spy network or one of the unique opportunities available this downtime. Players who want to support one of the Imperial armies can also read the orders issued by each general before making their decision.

It's worth noting that we've recently tightened up our guidelines around discussing military matters online which you can find here.

Imperial Guerdon

The Imperial Guerdon is a bursary set up by the Imperial Senate primarily to reward military units that support Imperial armies, spy networks, and fortifications. The value of the Imperial Guerdon is divided between each military unit and fleet that supports an army in proportion to their effective strength. The Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies has the power to exclude any or all Imperial armies and navies, fortifications, or special projects (such as spy networks) from the Guerdon. If they do so, then a character who supports such a army, fortification, or special project will receive nothing for doing so.

The Guerdon stands at 175 Thrones.

This season, the Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies has announced that shares of the Guerdon will be shared between military units supporting TBC.

Trade Opportunities

The owners of fleet resource have a number of options this downtime - including the chance to support a dominate the bay. There are additional effects and opportunities in the Asavean Archipelago, and any trader operating out of the Bay of Catazar should be aware of the ongoing pirate raids that threaten ships from the Brass Coast, Highguard, Urizen and parts of the League. There have also been significant effects on Imperial trade with foreign nations following the sanctions imposed in the way of the Liberty Pact, and the chaos in Axos caused by their decision to abandon slavery.

Grendel Pirates

If you are a fleet captain trading out of the Bay of Catazar territories, the Grendel pirates continue to attempt to raid your ships.

Trading with Asavea

  • Every Imperial Fleet trading with Nemoria receives an additional measure of iridescent gloaming and an additional ingot of orichalcum
  • Imperial captains can visit the insurrectionist port of Maragladia or Timor to trade supplies and weapons to the rebels.

Any Imperial captain that trades with the port of Nemoria continues to gain additional resources thanks to the existance of the Asavean temple in Feroz and the Imperial temple of the Way in Asavea.

Imperial fleet captains are also able to trade with two insurrection-aligned ports in Asavea. Each will be found in the trade dropdown alongside the usual ports. Imperial captains are assumed to be trading weapons and supplies in return for money - both in the form of actual cash and in the form of valuables and objets d'art. Each represents a different approach to that trade with different rewards. The actual impact of this trade is the same regardless - support for the rebels is the same whichever port an Imperial captain frequents.

The coastal fortification of Maragladia is hard pressed by the Nemorian legions and the people there are desperate. Imperial captains visiting this port will be able to engage in war profiteering. A basic fleet trading with Maragladia will receive TBC crowns, with each rank of upgrade or enchantment adding a further tbc rings to this amount.

Well behind the insurrectionist lines, the situation in the port of Timor is less fraught. Imperial captains visting this port will be able to get a good price for herbs and other medicines, or even basic necessities like blankets and bandages, but for significantly less profit than they would get selling weapons in Maragladia. A basic fleet trading with Timor will receive tbc, with each rank of upgrade or enchantment adding a further tbc rings to this amount.

If more than half a dozen fleets trade with the rebels, however, the Plenum will become aware that Imperial merchants are supporting the rebellion. It is impossible to predict how they will respond, but they are unlikely to be happy - and the more fleets trading with Maragladia and Timor the less happy they are likely to be.

Trading with Axos

  • Imperial fleets visiting Kantor experience a -2 rank penalty to their production this season.

There has still been significant disruption in Axos. The sudden release of slaves, and the need for many wealthy concerns to reorganise themselves, means that the economy is in turmoil. This has had an immediate consequence on foreign trade, meaning there are significantly fewer goods available to purchase on the docks at Kantor.

Ilarch Maxatious has appealed to Imperial traders not to let this disruption discourage them from coming to the Towers of Kantor, and reassures captains that the chaos will certainly be short lived. Civil servants associated with the Imperial embassy in Axos are a little more cautious - they anticipate that the situation will be better following the Summer Solstice but trade with Axos will not resume normal levels until after the Autumn Equinox at the very earliest.

Trading with the Iron Confederacy

  • The Iron Confederacy has closed its borders to Imperial merchants and goods.
  • The port of Robec has been closed to Imperial traders

The port of Robec is closed to Imperial ships. As such the Empire cannot trade directly with the Iron Confederacy.

Trading with the Commonwealth

Any Imperial fleet visiting Leerdam during the coming season will receive an additional dose of Bladeroot as a sign of Commonwealth enthusiasm for the Liberty Pact. Likewise, captains visiting Volkavaar will receive an additional vial of Artisan's Oil. It is not certain how long this enthusiasm will last, but it is anticipated to persist for at least a year.

Trading with Jarm

  • Any Imperial fleet trading with Vezak or Kavor has a -2 rank penalty on their production.
  • The eastern port of Rigia remains closed to Imperial shipping.

Imperial fleets visiting Jarm are struck by not one but two sets of tariffs; one imposed by the House of Princes on Imperial goods brought to Jarm, and then again when they attempt to bring Jarmish goods back to the Empire.

Major Effects

Every season sees large-scale effects impact individuals and nations. Where possible we've summarized these effects here.

The Feast of Tharim

The Imperial Conclave chose to accept the aid of Tharim in defending Brocéliande, giving permission for the eternal to feast on every herb garden and forest in Miaren, Therunin, and Hercynia. Each herb garden will suffer a loss of two random herbs and each forest will lose two resources for the next year (until the start of the Winter Solstice 383YE).

Blood and Gold

  • Every herb garden in Navarr receives 2 fewer random herbs until the start of the Winter Solstice 383YE.

The mandate raised and enacted by Brat Umbral Path during the Autumn Equinox means every Navarr herb garden will suffer a loss of 2 random herbs per season for the next year. This comes as a consequence of the decision to support the creation of Good Leaf Gardens in Upwold in recognition of the sacrifice made by the people of the Marches in fighting the vallorn of Liathaven.

Raiding the Brass Coast

  • If the Corazon continue to plunder Segura, every farm and business in the territory will lose half its production.
  • All personal resources in Feroz suffer a 2-rank penalty to their production.

This season, the raids by the Corazón have been largely thwarted by subtle Autumn magic. The magic fades as the Spring Equinox approaches, however. If the Corazón renew their raids after the Equinox, then every farm and business in Segura again risks losing half of its production.

While there has been no immediate impact on personal resources for characters based in Feroz so far, the widespread pillaging by the Grendel will cause every character in Feroz to lose 2 ranks from the production of their personal resource next season representing the damage done in the lead up to the Spring Equinox. If the Grendel continue to raid, that loss will continue until they stop or steps are taken to protect the citizens of Feroz from their attack.

Smashing Statues

If Mandate 14 is enacted, it has effects both positive and negative.

Varushkan Prosperity

If Mandate 100 is enacted it has positive effects.

Orc Rewards

If Mandate 20 is enacted it reduces production for Imperial Orcs resources.


TBC mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. You can find the details of all the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here. As always, these mandates only have an effect if the named priest provides the appropriate amount of liao. As per our recent rules change, all mandates will now be enacted automatically as long as the named priest has sufficient liao in their inventory before Downtime opens.

Imperial Lore

One ritual, Tithe of Bats, has been submitted by the Imperial Conclave to form part of Imperial Lore. Assuming the required 10 Thrones are provide, the ritual will become available to all Imperial magicians.