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The following table is a breakdown of the nations against various 'classes' or 'archetypes' which provide links to each cultures interpretation of character archetypes. For example, a sub-type of priest in the League is a Bishop, whereas in Navarr they are Guides.

Leader Warrior Religious Magical Economic Scholar Culturally Specific
The Brass Coast Dhomiro Kohan Sutannir Hakima Corsair, Scrivener
Dawn Earl Knight Troubador Witch Castellan Troubador
Highguard Exarch Guardian, Unconquered, Cataphract Wayfarer, Inquisitor Magister Benefactor Archivist
The League Merchant Prince Bravo Bishop Troupe Mage, Prince, Dilettante Moutebanks Cicisbeo
The Marches Steward Elector Beaters, Yeoman Friar Landkeeper Alderman, Blacksmith
Navarr Brand Thorn Guide Vate
Urizen Arbiter Sentinel Questor Illuminate Mage, Stargazer, Seer Architect Torchbearers
Varushka Boyar Wise One Volhov
Wintermark Thane Stormcrow Runesmith, Icewalker Mediator, Maggot Scop, Grimnir
Imperial Title Senator General Cardinal Archmage