There are several pages on the wiki which can be generated by any member of the wiki contributors team either to create them, or to update them if they need it. This page lists and links those pages along with an explanation of when they should be updated.


The timing is crucial for some of these pages. A handful of them must be updated before the downtime code is run, a handful of them must be updated after downtime is run.

This is because the downtime code will remove anyone from a title if that title falls vacant at or during the next event. We make this change at the point where we run downtime because that's the one point we're guranteed to run an update - so it can't be overlooked - and because removing people from positions after downtime has closed and is being processed makes no difference to the players. But it does make a difference to the data that is put on the wiki pages - hence why it's important to run them at the right time.

If we miss a page then it is possible to go back - but it's not easy. I can restore an old version of the database and run the report against that data. That will produce a report correct for that point in time - but of course any other data that has changed since then (e.g. corrections, new titles, etc) will not be in that report. It also takes time and can only be done by me - so it's worth avoiding where possible.

Before Downtime Reports

These reports list information based on what has just happened at the event. That data is added live during the event - so it should be fine to run them as soon as the wiki and database is available after the event.

The XX Imperial elections page appears in both lists! Before the event it holds a list of elections for that event - after the event it holds a list of election results for that event! So you create a new page after downtime - with a list of elections for the next event (there is a very simple template for this) - and then update it after the event with the results.

After Downtime Reports

These reports lists information based on what has just happened in downtime. They must be run after downtime processing is complete. Otherwise they will produce errors or just be empty. They must be run half a week before the next event starts - otherwise they will have the wrong data.

The most complex one here is the Imperial Roll of Honour. You will need to change the template list of links - and also change the page that the Roll of Honour pulls from - editing each linked should make it fairly obvious what needs to happen.

Any Time Reports

These reports can be updated at any time. Obviously they won't change unless the data changes - but some members of the wiki contributor team - like Stephen Kirkbride can fix data errors in the database like ritual magnitudes or spellings or similar.