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Blessing of New SpringIncrease wealth gained from a farm for three seasons and serves as a foundation for other farm rituals.2
Blood of the HydraRepairs ruined limbs.2
Hands of Sacred LifeHeal lost hits.2
Midwife's RecourseProtects a baby.4
Turns the CircleRots a body.4
Fan the Flame of New LifeMakes a couple fertile.6
Hearthfire CircleProvides powerful healing to a patient.7
Call Down Lightning's WrathLets a battle mage call strikedown with a staff by casting an offensive spell.8
Chirurgeon's Healing TouchTarget gains two stay with me uses each day for a season.8
Churning Cauldron of BravashCreates new herbs.8
Merciless Wrath of the ReaverAdds three ranks to a military unit that takes any independent action during the next season.8
Fountain of LifeTarget can cast heal, purify and restore limb as if they knew them for a season.10
Rampant GrowthGrants additional money and herbs to the production of a forest.10
Touch of Vile HumoursGrants the ability to call venom with any weapon or implement once per day.11
Blood and SaltIncreases the amount of plunder gained by a fleet using the privateering action.12
Madyn's GiftCreates new doses of realmsroot12
Unending Cascade of Blood's FireGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly use magical venom.14
Vitality of Rushing WaterReduces the effectiveness of venom for a season.14
Skin of Bark, Blood of AmberTarget gains three ranks of endurance for a season.15
Anathemic Call of Bug and BriarCurses a target and halves the production of their farm, forest or garden resource for a year.16
Irrepressible Monkey SpiritTarget gains two unstoppable or relentless uses each day for a season.17
Hands of the HealerTarget casts heal and restore limb faster for a season.19
Fire in the BloodGrants 1 rank of spring lore, and additional prowess with venomous rituals for a season, at the cost of lasting venom.20
The Forest RemainsGrants two shatters each day with a two-handed weapon, for a season.22
Curse of Gangrenous FleshA year-long curse of venom.40
Foam and Spittle of the Furious SeaDamages navies and harms fleets in a territory.40
The Dance of Navarr and ThornExtends or repairs trods.40
Thunderous DelugeHalves the money produced by buisnesses and farms in a territory for a season.46
Fetid Breath of Teeming PlagueAllows the use of an area-of-effect venom call.50
Rising Roots that Rend StoneBreeches a fortification on the battlefield.50
Rivers of LifeHalves casualties suffered by campaign armies in a region.50
Rivers Run RedDoubles casualties suffered by campaign armies in a region.50
Mountain Remembers Its YouthThis curse causes choking fumes to poison armies and civilians throughout the territory. It causes 500 points of damage in total to the armies in the territory.60
Forge the Wooden FastnessCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in wooded terrirtory.80
Thunderous Tread of the TreesAnimates rampaging trees in an area.120
Hallow of the Green WorldEnhances herb garden production and birth rates throughout the Empire for a season.160


Renewed Strength of the New DayRemoves weakness condition.2
Tenacity of JotraGrants a rank of fortitude for a season.2
Hammer of ThunderGrants one Impale each day for a season with a two-handed weapon.3
Strength of the BullGrants one rank of endurance for a season.3
Swan's Cruel WingGrants one cleave each day for a season with any weapon.3
Swift Leaping HareGrants one strikedown each day for a season with a pole-arm.3
Strong Ox, Golden SunReplaces blessing of new spring with enhanced production for a farm for two seasons.4
Clad in Golden RaimentIncrease fighting force of a small military unit by one level while assisting a campaign army.5
Stout Resolve of the UnyieldingSuppresses the effects of a traumatic wound until end of battle.5
Skar's Gentle PushGrant the target the shield skill for the season.6
Crimson Ward of Summer StarsGrants two ranks of endurance while in mage armour for a season.8
From the Mouths of BabesSends a message to the eternal Meraud.8
Unbreakable Spirit, Unbreakable BladesGrants ability to mend a weapon, implement or shield once a day for a season.8
Vigour of YouthGrants three ranks of fortitude for a season.9
Chasuble of MajestyGrants a priest the power to strengthen a ceremony with extra liao for a season.10
Sutannir's PromiseGrants the ability to restore hero points to a group while in an areas consecreated to Courage once each day for a season.10
The Sound of DrumsGrants two uses of Unstoppable each day for a season.11
Delve Deep, Beneath the MountainAdds additional ingots and wealth to the production of a mine for a season.12
Gidyon's RefrainGrants a source of spiritual strength, but only while singing.12
Glorious Crown of EnchantmentGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly empower their allies.14
Splendid Panoply of KnighthoodGrants one rank of endurance to a group for a season.14
Talon of the GryphonGrants the ability to use hero points to impale with a one-handed spear for a season.15
Champions Shining ResolveGrants two additional hero points for a season.16
Golden VoyageThis enchantment increases the level of the target fleet by 6 ranks.18
Devastating Maul of Inga TarnGrants the ability to spend a hero point to call SHATTER with a two-handed weapon.20
Noble Mien of the Hawk LordsGrants one rank of Summer lore for a Season and additional prowess when performing powerful rituals.20
Raise the Standard of WarGrants a significant increase to the strength of a military unit in campaign battles.20
Mantle of Lordly MightGrants three uses of Stay with Me or Get it Together every day for a season.22
Glory to the SovereignGrants two ranks of endurance and 2 uses of cleave each day for a season.24
Lions of Phoenix ReachThis enchantment summons a military unit of summer warriors by using the power of a mana site.24
Challenge the Iron DukeBinds an Eternal to provide a challenge and a reward.30
Unbreakable Behemoth's StrengthGrants five ranks of endurance for a season.36
Might of the MyrmidonGrants weapon master, shield, cleaving blows, shattering blows, strikedown and thrown skills for a season.40
Golden RampartsThis enchantment summons servants of Meraud to defend a fortification. It increases the defensive strength of a fortification by 1500 points.60
Hammers of the Brilliant ShoreRepairs a target fortification.60
Stalwart Stand on Solid GroundThe enchantment targets a fortification, it will not be destroyed unless it is reduced to 0 strength.60
Thundering Roar of the Lion-bound HornAllows one use of an area-of-effect repel call.60
Frozen Citadel of Cathan CanaeCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in mountainous region in a territory.80
Knights of GlorySummons supernatural troops to enhance a campaign army.120


Arcane MarkThis ritual places an enduring magical mark on the target character which can be perceived only with magical detection. The mark takes the form of the symbol for one of the current conclave orders.2
Call Winged MessengerSend a specially prepared message to a named individual in a known location.2
Mark of OwnershipMarks a bonded item as owned.2
Streams of SilverAdds 24 rings to a business' production during the next season.2
The Anvil of EstavusMends an item.2
The Blade Bites BackGrants an extra use to a biting blade that has been used that day.3
Before the Throne of EstavusSwaps raw materials for Autumn mana.4
Ephisis' ScaleAllows trade with the Eternal Ephisis.4
Shared Mastery of the Magician's GuildGrants knowledge of a spell known by a member of the coven.4
The Conspirator's CloakGrants an aura of confidence to a character.4
Aid Once MoreEnchants a magician with the ability to use a Volhov's Robe an additional time each day.6
Ties that BindDivines the bonds, band affiliations, and nationality of a character.6
Mantle of the Golden OratorIncreases a congregation for the next season granting additional 3 Liao and 6 votes in the synod.7
Art of the DealAdds 120 rings to the resources produced by a fleet if it trades during the next season.8
Chamber of PallasCreates roleplay aura of conviviality in location.8
Hand of the MakerDivines information about the crafter of an item.8
Scrivener's BloodmarkCreates a delayed curse between contractees.8
Stance of the Constricting ScourgeGrants the ability to call entangle with weapon or implement once each day.8
Twist of MoebiusAllows a coven to perform an extra ritual tomorrow at the cost of a ritual today.8
Ambassadorial GatekeeperLets someone accompany a ritualist to the Hall of Worlds.10
The Lure of Distant ShoresEnhances resources gained when a fleet takes the trade action over the next season.10
Rivers of GoldAdds 180 rings to the production of a business in the next season.12
Barked Command of the Iron SerjantThree targets gain partial weapon mastery for a day.14
Brazen Claws of the LictorGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly entangle their opponents.14
Timeless Hammer RhythmGrants an artisan the ability to craft an item overnight.14
Gathering the HarvestReplaces Strong Ox, Golden Sun and adds 400 rings to the production of a farm.15
Gift of the Wily BrokerAdds 1 Liao, 1 of each type of Resource and 1 of each type of herb to production of a business over the next season.15
Sum of the PartsThree participants contribute health to a champion15
Circle of GoldFive characters can use Stay with Me on each other once a day for a season.16
Smooth Hands Shape The WorldGrants ability to cast mend faster for a season.19
Balanced Scales of LannGrants one rank of Autumn lore for a season, and allows the trade of metal for magical power.20
Shadow of the Bronze ColossusGrants four ranks of endurance to heavy amour wearer for a day.21
Like Water Through Your FingersCurses a character to lose three-quarters of all resource production for a year.30
Inescapable Chains of Bitter GlassAllows one area-of-effect entangle.40
Bound by Common CauseEnhances a campaign army for each military unit attached to it.80
Brotherhood of TianThis army enchantment provides the target with250pts of additional natural resupply.120
Find the Best PathEnchants an army to cross great distances in a season.135


An Echo of Life RemainsIdentifies a corpse.2
Black Iron BladeCuts all bonds on target.2
Fallow Fields and Dried MeatAdd 18 rings to the production of a farm over winter.2
Hunger of the DraughirGrants one rank of fortitude and the ability to eat anything for a season.2
Mark the Flesh IncorruptiblePreserves a corpse.4
Tribute to the Thrice-Cursed CourtTrades crafted items for Winter mana.4
Words of EndingDestroys the magic of a crafted item.4
Wisdom of the Balanced BladeAnalyses a curse.6
Withering Touch of FrostCurses a character to lose a quarter of farm, forest and herb garden production for a year.6
Crumbling Flesh and Withering LimbsGrants ability to call cleave with a rod twice each day for a season.8
Pakaanan's Iron ShuttersSeals a portal for ten minutes.8
Ruthless Vigilance, Healthy CropEnhances a herb garden, increasing production of each herb by two over next season.8
Traitor's FateAgree to let someone trigger a dangerous curse if they betray you.8
Freezing Brand of IrremaisBrands and influences a target.10
Ravenous Tongue of EntropyGrants the ability to cast shatter, weakness, and paralysis as if you know them.10
Fight Tooth and NailGrants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.12
Pallid Flesh of the Dead KingGrants three ranks of endurance for a season at the cost of persistent venom.13
Unyielding ConstitutionGrants the ability to endure the effects of traumatic wounds for a season.13
Hold Back Frozen HungerWards an area against the dead.14
Hungry Grasp of DespairGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly weaken their foes.14
There Is No Welcome HereWard an area against eternals and heralds.14
Ward of the Black WasteWards an area against vallornspawn.14
Icy Maw Devours the Spark of EssenceCurse a territory so that mana crystal production is halved for a season.15
Naeve's Twisting BlightBlights all crops in a region, halving their production.15
Clarion Call of Ivory and DustConjures unliving winter troops to greatly enhance the rank of a military unit when fighting in support of an army.20
Coil of the Black LeechGrants a target the ability to heal themselves when they cast weakness.20
Devastating Scythe of Anguish and LossGrants ability to IMPALE foes with a staff.20
Gnawing, Endless HungerCurses a character with endless hunger and inability to benefit from potions.20
Last Breath EchoesRestores a terminal character for a short period before they die.20
Sorin's Rite of AgonyGrants 1 rank of winter lore for a season, and additional prowess with curses, at the cost of an unhealing wound20
Retreat to the White CavesSeason-duration version of There Is No Welcome Here: heralds are weakened and don't want to enter the warded area. Horrible roleplaying effect within the area23
Dreamscape of the Endless HuntCurses a character with nightmares and removes ability to recover hero points or mana naturally.30
Whispers through the Black GateSummons a dead spirit to answer questions.30
Inevitable Collapse into RuinDamages a battlefield fortification.40
Curse of DecrepitudeCurses a target with persistent weakness for a year.50
Howling Despite of the Yawning MawAllows one use of area-of-effect weakness.50
Winter's GhostsCurses a region so that all production is reduced by a quarter for a season.50
The Grave's Treacherous EdgeAllows one use of area-of-effect venom.60
Why Sulemaine Walked Away From The BakerEnchants a campaign army to allow it to endure venomous attacks.80
Quickening Cold MeatCreates a force of animated corpses that enhance a campaign army by around 20%.150
Wind of Mundane SilenceDestroys a regio.150
Wither the SeedDrastically reduces the fertility of an area for a generation.150


Ascetic Star of AtunRemoves venom.2
Hakima's GlassDivine details of bonded item or person.2
Piercing Light of RevelationRemoves obscuring effects and opens night pouches.2
Horizon's Razor EdgeGrants ability to call cleave with a weapon once each day.3
Distillation of Diverse PartsRecover herbs from potion.4
Illuminate the Higher MindShares knowledge of one spell with another magician for a season.4
The Celestial LibraryDelivers book or scroll to Eternal for possible destruction.4
Bright Lantern of OphisAnalyses a magical effect.6
Clear Lens of the Eternal RiverDivines the historical significance of the immediate area.8
Crystal Clarity of the Rational SoulGrants an aura of calm and serenity to a character for a day.8
Revelation of the Jewel's Sparkling Heart Adds 8 additional ingots to the production of a mine over the next season.8
Sign of AeshReduces the magnitude of the next ritual you cast by yourself by 2.8
Skein of YearsWhen the ritual is complete, the ritualists receive a vision during which key events in the history of the target item are revealed.8
Solace of ChimesCreates a calm roleplay aura.8
Chimes of AnnulmentSuppresses the effect of a Druj miasma focus for one minute.10
Eyes of the Soul's PastReveals information about a past-life vision10
Sharp Eyes of the CorsairGrants a minor enhancement to a military unit taking any scouting action.10
Sular's PromiseGrants a fleet greatly increased results from trading action during the next season.12
Eye of the High PlacesDivines effects on a region or territory.14
Eyes of the Sun and MoonDivines details of campaign armies in a territory.14
Ascendance of the Highest MindTarget learns up to three spells known by the coven for a season.15
Alignment of Mind and BladeGrant the use of one impale each day for a season when wielding one-handed weapon or one-handed spear.18
Swim Leviathan's DepthAsks a specific question of the eternal Leviathan to divine a past cause or event that has led to a present-day state of affairs or consequence.18
Kimus' Glaring EyeGrants the ability to use repel on two targets at once.19
Standing at the ThresholdAllows a coven to perform an extra ritual each day for a season.19
Carve the Crystal GuardianTransforms a mana site into a powerful military unit for a season.20
Combing the BeachProvides guidance from the eternal Roshanwe.20
Crystaline Focus of AeshGrants one rank of Day lore for a Season and additional prowess when performing divination rituals.20
Garden of Teth-AnonGrants members of a coven +1 rank when performing a ritual they have not mastered.23
Transcendent MasteryTarget gains all spell knowledge.26
All the World in a Grain of SandCurses a character with madness that prevents ritual casting.30
Clarity of the Master StrategistGrants an increasing bonus to a campaign army when it is on campaign.80
Revelatory Light of the Empyrean SpheresGrants one use of area-of-effect paralysis.150
Bright Eyes Gleam in the DepthsEnhances the production of all mines in the Empire.160


Freedom of the SoulCreates an aura on a character that greatly heightens emotions.2
Missive for SadoguaSends a message to an Eternal.2
Cast Off The Chain of MemoryExcises memory via voluntary amnesia.4
Incantation's Mystic MaskObfuscate the next ritual cast by this coven.4
Masque of the Blinded WeaverObscures bonds between items or characters.4
Secrets for the Shadow CourierCreates a year duration Ornate Pouch for a character.4
Secrets of Skillful ArtificeGrants ability to craft a single item.4
Secrets of the Empty HeartGives the ability to die rather than reveal a secret.4
Signs and PortentsProvides a coven with visions of important events.4
Thief's Arcane GambitSteals an enchantment.4
Riddle Hides the RewardCurses an item or character making it difficult to sever magical bonds connected to them.6
The Cuckoo's EggAllows a willing target to pass through the Sentinel Gate as if they were an Imperial citizen, once within ten minutes.6
The Eight-spoked WheelTransforms three ingots or measures of materials along an alchemical path.6
Verdant Bounty of the Twilight BayouAdds five measures to the production of a forest over the next season.6
Embrace the Living FlameGrants an additional hero point for a season.7
Chamber of DelightsCreates an aura in an area that encourages relaxation.8
Drawing the Penumbral VeilShrouds a territory from scrying.8
Ride the Noble SteedGrants two people a vivid dream of riding a horse next time they sleep.8
Shadowed Glass of SungDivines mysterious, secretive, or enigmatic information about the immediate area.8
The Retrograde WheelTransforms three ingots or measures of materials the other way along an alchemical path.8
The Twilight MasqueradeCreates a magical disguise that changes lineage.8
Whispering Shadow CourtiersEnables limited communication with the Whisper Gallery.8
Secrets of the Soul's DesireReveals information about a past-life vision10
Shroud of Mist and ShadowGrants a concealing bonus to a military unit for both raiding and war.10
Tithe of BatsExchanges measures of iridescent gloaming and dragonbone for Night vis.10
Unfettered AnarchyCurses a character with uncontrollable emotions.10
Dreams in the Witch HouseThis gives intuitive impressions of the objectives and strategies of enemy armies in the target territory. Map of target territory required.12
Infant Starts with a Blank SlateCauses a willing character to forget all their mastered rituals.12
Clear Counsel of the Everflowing RiverSeeks aid from the eternal Sung in solving a mystery.20
Conclave of Trees and ShadowTransforms a forest into a powerful military unit for a season.20
Sift the Dreamscape's SandsGrants 1 additional rank of any lore overnight, which can be changed each morning for a season.20
Vale of ShadowsConceals a resource from invaders.20
Still Waters, Running DeepGrants 3 additional hero points for a season.24
Align the Celestial NetRealign regio for the next ritual cast at it.30
Transmogrification of the Soul's EchoPermanently change the personality of a willing character, and remove some curses.60
Amalgamation of Silver and GoldTransforms ilium, weltsilver, and ambergelt into a powerful curative substance.70
Dripping Echoes of the FenCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in marsh terrirtory.80
Distill the Serpent's StoneCreates a unique consumable alchemical item.100
Wondrous Forests of the NightEnhances the production of forests throughout the Empire.200