Battles in Empire are the uptime aspect of the extensive military campaign conducted by the military council, and player Military Units to defend or expand the borders of the Empire. While the downtime campaign is certainly important, it provides the scenery and context for the uptime battles at events, and the importance of the decisions made by Imperial Generals as to which battles and skirmishes they will underake at events.

Empire battles are always objective driven and highly likely to feature movement and maneuvering, often through wooded terrain.


There are additional battle safety guidelines for all participants in battle.


The Functionaries of the Military Council will always know the primary objectives of a battle, informing the generals of what they are and a rough difficulty as worked out by Civil Service prognosticators. Battles are loosely graded as ‘easy’, ‘average’ or ‘hard’, though there may be variation between those difficulties depending on diverse circumstance (one hard battle may be more difficult than another). Secondary objectives may feature in many battles, these being plot or campaign relevant features. For example a notorious Orc Shaman might be on the battlefield whose capture or death would disrupt barbarian plans to perform rituals in the future, it might be possible to turn human slaves against their captors and so spread chaos through a region and so forth. Succeeding in those primary or secondary objectives will have significant effects on the overall military campaigns of the empire. Turning defeats into narrow escapes, reducing the casualties suffered by a campaign army, or removing skilled leadership from Barbarian armies.

Each battle will be different, in some cases imperial troops will arrive without sight of any barbarian opponents, in others they might arrive and be engaged immediately.

Imperial Characters

Functionaries in the Military Council and The Sentinel Gate will be able to inform Imperial Citizens when a portal to a battle opportunity is available and for how long.

Those nations and banners going on a battle should be prepared to enter through the portal during that window of opportunity. While they may return from the battle at any time, the window to go to a battlefield is not long, and thus it is not possible to go back and forth, or to send later reinforcements if they should be needed. OOC

On stepping through a portal to go on a battle or skirmish, players will then be timed out. Referees and other members of crew will assist players in going to the destination point for their teleport, on arriving there they will be timed in, arriving in the order and roughly the same formation as they walked through the portal.

You may return to Anvil from the point you arrived at your destination. It is not possible to then return to the battle once you have left. Again, you will be timed out on stepping back through the portal and make your way to The Sentinel Gate at anvil, on stepping back through The Sentinel Gate you will time in back at anvil in the same condition as you left the off-field location.


Part of the social contract for Empire is that any player taking part in a battle as their Imperial Character is required to take part in a battle as a barbarian character.

Some events will have more than two battle opportunities for the Generals to commit their nations to. When this is the case, you can select any one of the other battles you are not taking part in as your Imperial character to volunteer as a barbarian for. You may also choose to take part in more than one of those battles if you wish, and likewise can attend all of them if you have no intention of taking part in battles as your Imperial character but still wish to participate.

Times for arriving at the crew area to be given necessary masks, armour etc. will be posted on a board outside GOD.

On arrival to volunteer as a barbarian you will be supplied with masks and armour where appropriate by PD and briefed on your role. While it is generally the case that groups of players are able to play together as barbarians, there may be times when we wish particular weapon combinations or armour to fight in specific units (e.g. all archers together). PD Crew will ensure the battle is explained to you and assist you in getting into your role as a barbarian character.

In some battles, barbarian reinforcements will arrive, this is to represent the barbarian numbers exceeding those of the number of barbarians we have available. To facilitate this, upon dying as a barbarian you should put your hand in the air, move clearly out of any engagement, and return to the designated place as explained to you by crew for that battle.

While barbarians do have healers and will be using them, barbarian characters, unless otherwise informed, do not have a 3 minute death count. Barbarians can be considered dead (not Terminal) one minute after they have been reduced to 0 hits. At that point you should move yourself out of the fighting area with your hand in the air and return to the reinforcement location.

While volunteering as a barbarian for Profound Decisions there are a number of guidelines you should follow:

Play the Ball, Not the Man

As a barbarian your role is to provide an amazing challenge for the players who are playing their character, but it is important to stress that you are there to bring their adversaries to life, not to beat the players or kill characters. You must roleplay as a barbarian according to your brief and follow the instructions of your leaders and referees. It is up to the Imperial characters to win or lose the battle.

Remain IC and support immersion

If you are unsure whether you were affected by a heroic ability or spell, then take the effect. The battle will be cooler for everyone if you react to the actions of the Imperials rather than arguing over whether an arrow hit a steel plate or leather instead.

Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay

You should endeavour to roleplay your blows and injuries as much as possible. The challenge of the battle is set by the actions of the players, the choices they make and the characters set by the battle manager. Your goal is to make the battles and the fighting as atmospheric and immersive as possible, by emphasizing the roleplaying of the fights.

Roleplay Heroic Blows

Do not deliberately aim heroic blows at hands and feet, while they are valid targets under the rules, they are not credible locations for a heroic blow under the spirit of the rules. As a barbarian your goal is to emphasize the heroic nature of this blow, by aiming a suitable strike at the torso or limbs of your enemy.

Roleplay warriors, not murderers

Under no account should you use the execute call unless specifically briefed to do so by a referee. In general barbarians do not stop to execute fallen opponents while the fight is still ongoing. Forces like the Jotun in particular are noted for their honourable behaviour, allowing their enemies to withdraw if defeated and taking hostages.

If the Imperial forces engage in widespread butchery, murdering barbarians who have fallen, then we will respond accordingly by providing our dedicated NPC crew with instructions to retaliate against the murderers.

It is not helpful for player volunteers to execute player-characters under any circumstances, as this damages the trust in the volunteer system that is essential to the game.

Do not loot the Fallen

Do not loot fallen Imperial characters unless specifically briefed to do so by a referee. In general barbarians are focussed on defeating their enemy and winning the battle, not collecting loot. In some battles specific NPCs from our dedicated monster team will be instructed to loot fallen characters for their wealth.

It is not helpful for player volunteers to loot player-characters under any circumstances, like execution, this damages the trust in the volunteer system that is essential to the game.

Pay it Forwards

Don't forget that as a barbarian you are there for the enjoyment of the Imperials as well, if you give them a great fight with amazing roleplay, they will want to do exactly the same for you.