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These potent forms of mage armour are commonly brightly coloured in multiple shades, caused by the abundance of irridescent gloaming dye and thread used in their construction. It often bears both of the runes Jotra and Wyr.

The Battlesmith's Panoply is a powerful suit of mage armour, granting both increased arcane power and durability. In Urizen, where it is commonly called the Warlock's Net, it is said that this mage armour allows any mage to go into a battle unformed, focusing their strengths where they are most needed, being free to adapt and flow as their needs change. In Wintermark, a Runesmith wearing a battlesmith's panoply is often said to have forged himself for nothing but war, and that to bond to such a panoply is to make a fork in their skein.


  • Form: Mage Armour.
  • Effect: While wearing this armour, you gain two additional personal mana and one additional rank of endurance.
  • Materials: Crafting a Battlesmith's Panoply requires eight ingots of green iron, five ingots of weltsilver, nine ingots of ambergelt, and fifteen ingots of iridescent gloaming. It takes one month to make one of these items.