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The vallorn has an iron grip on the ancestral homeland of the Navarr
Regions of Brocéliande


Lush Brocéliande, on the border between Dawn and Highguard, is considered by the Navarr as ancestral homeland and is the single largest forested expanse in the Empire. This is where Navarr and Thorn first danced. The Navarr have been unable to make any significant gains in this territory against the Vallorn, and there is limited Navarr presence here.

The majority of Navarr steadings in Brocéliande are centred around Boar's Dell in the north, and around the Broch in Vallorn-infested Black Boughs. While all steadings fight against vallornspawn, those in Brocéliande generally see the most "action" - especially the Broch situated as it is deep inside the circumference of the Brocélieande infestation. Green lung is a constant threat in much of Brocéliande.

Much of the interior of the territory is still unknown to modern scholars, both within the Navarr and without. The vallorn covers the vast majority of the land here, choking any Terunael ruins or artefacts, and drowning those who venture too far with its powerful, deadly miasma.

Recent History

Over the last fifty years, much of the forest was infiltrated by barbarian orc communities settling from the Barrens. They largely avoided the Navarr, until the surprise attack from the Druj forces passing through the Forest of Peytaht as part of their invasion of Reikos. While the Druj took and held Elereal they made no effort to push for further control of Brocéliande. Indeed, they seemed more interested in keeping the vallornspawn at bay than in engaging with the Navarr.

Throughout 378YE, the orc settlers from the Barrens retreated out of Brocéliande, leaving their makeshift camps to fall into disuse or be overrun by vallornspawn.

Major Features

The Broch

The largest collection of steadings of the Navarr, well-defended and constantly guarded. It is the western edge of the Navarri’s watch on the barbarians and darker horrors of Brocéliande. It is both fortification against the orcs, and a place of ritual where Vates gather when necessary to counter specific magical threats. The First Dance steading are basaed in the Broch and seek more than any to investigate new ways to fight against the Vallorn. Buried deep within the miasma at Black Boughs, the Broch is perhaps the steading most at risk of being overrun at any moment. Few can spend too much time here - even if the danger were not sufficient, there is the ever-present risk of green lung.



Elerael was one of the few regions of Brocéliande initially under Navarr control. The most prominent steading here, Eleri’s Stead, was once a comparatively peaceable place, a Navarr counterpart to High Chalcis where herbs and forest plants were studied. It was swept away as orcs flooded from the Forest of Peytaht.

The orcs were most likely Druj from Reikos, but it is not clear how much of a presence they still maintain here. Some Navarr scouts have reported an increase in vallornspawn attacks into Elerael, increasing in severity dramatically after the Reikos trods were damaged in 378YE.

Elerael is the home to the large and influential Brackensong Steading who give sanctuary for those who walk the dangerous Trods that weave through the Vallorn of Brocéliande. The Splitroot Striding use Elerael to walk the Trods into Dark Ranging where, up until the declaration of war in Winter 378YE, they were one of the few stridings to trade with the Orcs of the Barrens.
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Black Boughs

The Broch is a small enclave of safety inside the miasma of the the Vallorn. Keywords: Forested, Vallorn

Boar's Dell

The northernmost region of Brocéliande is the site of Greenstead, a stone-walled steading built with support from Rucastle as Dawn and the Navarr threw a ring around the dark heart of the forest there. It is often assaulted, but with Dawnish support it has always held. There has long been a bond - and several intermarriages - between the two settlements.
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Dark Ranging

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This is the heart of the Vallorn in Brocéliande, and the most storied of the ancestral cities of the Navarr.
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Vale's Lament

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OOC Note

  • As of Autumn 379YE, the Vallorn occupies Back Boughs, Dark Ranging, Greenweald, Vale's Lament and Terunael. The Navarr (and thus the Empire) holds Boar's Dell and Elereal.
  • To claim Brocéliande, the Empire needs to hold four of the seven regions. This is currently impossible without reducing the power of the Vallorn.