A business can represent almost any structure or property that could produce an income, such as inn, a smithy, a brothel, theatre or similar structure. It shouldn't be land or a farm - if that is what you want to take then we would recommend you choose the farm resource instead. But it can represent a trader who buys and sells goods within the Empire (if you want to represent a character who travels overseas to trade then choose a fleet).


A business produces 9 crowns.

Downtime Options

There are no downtime options for a business. It produces income automatically.


A business can be upgraded using white granite obtained from the Bourse. Each time a business is upgraded, the owner receives an additional income of 36 rings from then on.

To upgrade a business requires Imperial Wains of white granite equal to the level the business is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 business costs 2 Imperial Wains of white granite, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial Wains, etc.


A business can be diversified to sacrifice income for resources. To diversify a business requires one Imperial Wain of mithril and one Imperial Wain of weirwood. Each time a business diversifies, the owner chooses one resource produced by a mine; the business produces 2 ingots of the chosen metal but produces 36 rings less income.

National Implications

Senators in the League are chosen on the basis of who can command the most support of individuals with substantial investments in the city. This is represented by the business personal resource. A League character who has been operating a business personal resource in a League city receives 10 votes for that city's senatorial elections. If a business is upgraded - then the character who operates that business receives 2 additional votes for each upgrade.