ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Mountebank's SurpriseOnce per day after casting the empower spell on a target you also gain the benefit of the empower spell.2000000000
Shears of WinterWhen wielding both the weapon and the implement, you may cast the shatter spell as if you knew it.1004000307
Warden's FistsOnce per day you may either use the weapon to call CLEAVE or instead use the rod to cast repel without spending hero points or Mana.1222000208
Arms of the WarwitchYou may either expend one hero point to regain one personal mana, or expend three personal mana to regain one hero point.13000009315
Jade HammersWhen wielding these arcane weapons, you may spend 1 mana to call STRIKEDOWN. This ability follows all the rules for casting an offensive spell with the exception that the call can be made with either the weapon or the implement.10050005515
Binding ThreadsYou may spend a hero point to call ENTANGLE when you hit with this weapon or implement. You cannot use this ability if you are wearing armour.13000707017
Children of ThunderYou may spend a hero point to call REPEL when you strike with this weapon or rod. You cannot use this ability if you are wearing armour.13070007017
Trodwalker's ReadinessYou gain one additional hero point and one additional point of personal mana.16530005524
Thorns of the RoseAfter you successfully entangle a character, you may spend a hero point to call IMPALE when you hit the entangled character with this weapon.150120007529