Arcane MarkThis ritual places an enduring magical mark on the target character which can be perceived only with magical detection. The mark takes the form of the symbol for one of the current conclave orders.2
Call Winged MessengerSend a specially prepared message to a named individual in a known location.2
Mark of OwnershipMarks a bonded item as owned.2
Streams of SilverAdds 24 rings to a business' production during the next season.2
The Anvil of EstavusMends an item.2
The Blade Bites BackGrants an extra use to a biting blade that has been used that day.3
Before the Throne of EstavusSwaps raw materials for Autumn mana.4
Ephisis' ScaleAllows trade with the Eternal Ephisis.4
Shared Mastery of the Magician's GuildGrants knowledge of a spell known by a member of the coven.4
The Conspirator's CloakGrants an aura of confidence to a character.4
Aid Once MoreEnchants a magician with the ability to use a Volhov's Robe an additional time each day.6
Ties that BindDivines the bonds, band affiliations, and nationality of a character.6
Mantle of the Golden OratorIncreases a congregation for the next season granting additional 3 Liao and 6 votes in the synod.7
Art of the DealAdds 120 rings to the resources produced by a fleet if it trades during the next season.8
Chamber of PallasCreates roleplay aura of conviviality in location.8
Hand of the MakerDivines information about the crafter of an item.8
Scrivener's BloodmarkCreates a delayed curse between contractees.8
Stance of the Constricting ScourgeGrants the ability to call entangle with weapon or implement once each day.8
Twist of MoebiusAllows a coven to perform an extra ritual tomorrow at the cost of a ritual today.8
Ambassadorial GatekeeperLets someone accompany a ritualist to the Hall of Worlds.10
The Lure of Distant ShoresEnhances resources gained when a fleet takes the trade action over the next season.10
Rivers of GoldAdds 180 rings to the production of a business in the next season.12
Barked Command of the Iron SerjantThree targets gain partial weapon mastery for a day.14
Brazen Claws of the LictorGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly entangle their opponents.14
Timeless Hammer RhythmGrants an artisan the ability to craft an item overnight.14
Gathering the HarvestReplaces Strong Ox, Golden Sun and adds 400 rings to the production of a farm.15
Gift of the Wily BrokerAdds 1 Liao, 1 of each type of Resource and 1 of each type of herb to production of a business over the next season.15
Sum of the PartsThree participants contribute health to a champion15
Circle of GoldFive characters can use Stay with Me on each other once a day for a season.16
Smooth Hands Shape The WorldGrants ability to cast mend faster for a season.19
Balanced Scales of LannGrants one rank of Autumn lore for a season, and allows the trade of metal for magical power.20
Shadow of the Bronze ColossusGrants four ranks of endurance to heavy amour wearer for a day.21
Like Water Through Your FingersCurses a character to lose three-quarters of all resource production for a year.30
Inescapable Chains of Bitter GlassAllows one area-of-effect entangle.40
Bound by Common CauseEnhances a campaign army for each military unit attached to it.80
Brotherhood of TianThis army enchantment provides the target with250pts of additional natural resupply.120
Find the Best PathEnchants an army to cross great distances in a season.135