This table lists all the Night magic rituals that are part of Imperial lore.

Freedom of the SoulCreates an aura on a character that greatly heightens emotions.2
Missive for SadoguaSends a message to an Eternal.2
Cast Off The Chain of MemoryExcises memory via voluntary amnesia.4
Incantation's Mystic MaskObfuscate the next ritual cast by this coven.4
Masque of the Blinded WeaverObscures bonds between items or characters.4
Secrets for the Shadow CourierCreates a year duration Ornate Pouch for a character.4
Secrets of Skillful ArtificeGrants ability to craft a single item.4
Secrets of the Empty HeartGives the ability to die rather than reveal a secret.4
Signs and PortentsProvides a coven with visions of important events.4
Thief's Arcane GambitSteals an enchantment.4
Riddle Hides the RewardCurses an item or character making it difficult to sever magical bonds connected to them.6
The Cuckoo's EggAllows a willing target to pass through the Sentinel Gate as if they were an Imperial citizen, once within ten minutes.6
The Eight-spoked WheelTransforms three ingots or measures of materials along an alchemical path.6
Verdant Bounty of the Twilight BayouAdds five measures to the production of a forest over the next season.6
Embrace the Living FlameGrants an additional hero point for a season.7
Chamber of DelightsCreates an aura in an area that encourages relaxation.8
Drawing the Penumbral VeilShrouds a territory from scrying.8
Ride the Noble SteedGrants two people a vivid dream of riding a horse next time they sleep.8
Shadowed Glass of SungDivines mysterious, secretive, or enigmatic information about the immediate area.8
The Retrograde WheelTransforms three ingots or measures of materials the other way along an alchemical path.8
The Twilight MasqueradeCreates a magical disguise that changes lineage.8
Whispering Shadow CourtiersEnables limited communication with the Whisper Gallery.8
Secrets of the Soul's DesireReveals information about a past-life vision10
Shroud of Mist and ShadowGrants a concealing bonus to a military unit for both raiding and war.10
Tithe of BatsExchanges measures of iridescent gloaming and dragonbone for Night vis.10
Unfettered AnarchyCurses a character with uncontrollable emotions.10
Dreams in the Witch HouseThis gives intuitive impressions of the objectives and strategies of enemy armies in the target territory. Map of target territory required.12
Infant Starts with a Blank SlateCauses a willing character to forget all their mastered rituals.12
Clear Counsel of the Everflowing RiverSeeks aid from the eternal Sung in solving a mystery.20
Conclave of Trees and ShadowTransforms a forest into a powerful military unit for a season.20
Sift the Dreamscape's SandsGrants 1 additional rank of any lore overnight, which can be changed each morning for a season.20
Vale of ShadowsConceals a resource from invaders.20
Still Waters, Running DeepGrants 3 additional hero points for a season.29
Align the Celestial NetRealign regio for the next ritual cast at it.30
Transmogrification of the Soul's EchoPermanently change the personality of a willing character, and remove some curses.60
Amalgamation of Silver and GoldTransforms ilium, weltsilver, and ambergelt into a powerful curative substance.70
Dripping Echoes of the FenCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in marsh terrirtory.80
Distill the Serpent's StoneCreates a unique consumable alchemical item.100
Wondrous Forests of the NightEnhances the production of forests throughout the Empire.200