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This table lists all the [[Summer magic]] rituals that are part of [[Formulaic_ritual#Imperial_Lore_and_the_Ritual_List|Imperial lore]].  
This table lists all the [[Summer magic]] [[rituals]] that are part of [[Formulaic_ritual#Imperial_Lore_and_the_Ritual_List|Imperial lore]].  

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This table lists all the Summer magic rituals that are part of Imperial lore.

Renewed Strength of the New DayRemoves weakness condition.2
Tenacity of JotraGrants a rank of fortitude for a season.2
Hammer of ThunderGrants one Impale each day for a season with a two-handed weapon.3
Strength of the BullGrants one rank of endurance for a season.3
Swan's Cruel WingGrants one cleave each day for a season with any weapon.3
Swift Leaping HareGrants one strikedown each day for a season with a pole-arm.3
Strong Ox, Golden SunReplaces blessing of new spring with enhanced production for a farm for two seasons.4
Clad in Golden RaimentIncrease fighting force of a small military unit by one level while assisting a campaign army.5
Stout Resolve of the UnyieldingSuppresses the effects of a traumatic wound until end of battle.5
Skar's Gentle PushGrant the target the shield skill for the season.6
Crimson Ward of Summer StarsGrants two ranks of endurance while in mage armour for a season.8
From the Mouths of BabesSends a message to the eternal Meraud.8
Unbreakable Spirit, Unbreakable BladesGrants ability to mend a weapon, implement or shield once a day for a season.8
Vigour of YouthGrants three ranks of fortitude for a season.9
Chasuble of MajestyGrants a priest the power to strengthen a ceremony with extra liao for a season.10
Sutannir's PromiseGrants the ability to restore hero points to a group while in an areas consecreated to Courage once each day for a season.10
The Sound of DrumsGrants two uses of Unstoppable each day for a season.11
Delve Deep, Beneath the MountainAdds additional ingots and wealth to the production of a mine for a season.12
Gidyon's RefrainGrants a source of spiritual strength, but only while singing.12
Glorious Crown of EnchantmentGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly empower their allies.14
Splendid Panoply of KnighthoodGrants one rank of endurance to a group for a season.14
Talon of the GryphonGrants the ability to use hero points to impale with a one-handed spear for a season.15
Champions Shining ResolveGrants two additional hero points for a season.16
Golden VoyageThis enchantment increases the level of the target fleet by 6 ranks.18
Devastating Maul of Inga TarnGrants the ability to spend a hero point to call SHATTER with a two-handed weapon.20
Noble Mien of the Hawk LordsGrants one rank of Summer lore for a Season and additional prowess when performing powerful rituals.20
Raise the Standard of WarGrants a significant increase to the strength of a military unit in campaign battles.20
Mantle of Lordly MightGrants three uses of Stay with Me or Get it Together every day for a season.22
Glory to the SovereignGrants two ranks of endurance and 2 uses of cleave each day for a season.24
Lions of Phoenix ReachThis enchantment summons a military unit of summer warriors by using the power of a mana site.24
Challenge the Iron DukeBinds an Eternal to provide a challenge and a reward.30
Unbreakable Behemoth's StrengthGrants five ranks of endurance for a season.36
Might of the MyrmidonGrants weapon master, shield, cleaving blows, shattering blows, strikedown and thrown skills for a season.40
Golden RampartsThis enchantment summons servants of Meraud to defend a fortification. It increases the defensive strength of a fortification by 1500 points.60
Hammers of the Brilliant ShoreRepairs a target fortification.60
Stalwart Stand on Solid GroundThe enchantment targets a fortification, it will not be destroyed unless it is reduced to 0 strength.60
Thundering Roar of the Lion-bound HornAllows one use of an area-of-effect repel call.60
Frozen Citadel of Cathan CanaeCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in mountainous region in a territory.80
Knights of GlorySummons supernatural troops to enhance a campaign army.120