Perform an Imperial economic audit in detail to be provided to the Senate.

Proposed by Zenith, seconded by Hahnmark.


  • Provide an Imperial economic audit in detail.
  • Passed 25 votes to 3.


  • Passed Autumn 377YE.


  • 10 Thrones.

Campaign Outcome

  • Civil servants are preparing a detailed audit to be presented in person to the Imperial Senate.


The Imperial treasury that is made available to the Senate is what remains from taxation and auctions in the Imperial Bourse after appropriate deductions to meet the running costs of the Empire are removed. The Master of the Imperial Mint receives a breakdown of income and expenditure for the Empire which includes outgoings for Imperial armies, fortifications, stipends, running costs for any great work that require them and the costs to administer the territories of the Empire. The Senate has the ability to curtail most of these outgoings by abrogating past motions, demobilizing armies and dismantling existing fortifications and great works but they cannot change the Empire's territorial administration costs, these are fixed.


The level of detail provided in information available to the Master of the Mint and the Senate is set by the limits for Abstraction in the game.