We should give official recognition to the loyalty of those military unit commanders who commit their troops to support our armies in the field. We suggest a roll of honour be posted each season listing those who have aided each campaign.

Proposed by Kallavesa, seconded by Astolat.
The roll of honour further shows the respect Wintermark has for those courageous enough to serve.
Wintermark takes the matter of supporting Imperial armies very seriously.
Marks such as these are given to honour captains and soldiers who serve on campaign.

Spring 377YE



  • The Civil Service compiles this information for the benefit of the Military Council; as such additional costs involved in creating an additional copy for purposes of the roll of honour are negligible.


Campaign Outcome

When the civil servants compile lists of recent military campaigns for the Military Council, an additional copy of the information will be made and disseminated via the Hub.

It is worth noting that if this information were not already being compiled, or if many additional copies were required, the costs would likely be significantly higher.

Winter 377YE

That the Roll Of Honour defined in Senate sessions passim is available in the Imperial Public Library for all citizens to see.

Proposed by Hahnmark, seconded by Volodmartz.



  • Complete


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In Principle 24 0 Passed