I propose the creation of a new imperial position titled "High Bard of the Empire" In this first year of the reign of the Empress of Flowers the citizens of every nation have been inspired to create works of artistry and beauty, of poetry and passion, creations in word and song to celebrate our Imperium and confound the ignoble deprivations of our barbarian foes.

Yet challenge and competition spurs Pride and Ambition both and I propose we create the position of Imperial High Bard, that will be awarded annually to the imperial citizen best proving their artistic credentials before the selection of the council of nine who will cast votes to decide the recipient of this great title for the year ahead. So let each Nation contend and demonstrate the artistry of their poets and war singers in bright competition and great contention, and each year the brightest talent of the Empire will write their immortality in legacy made real in word and deed.

The High Bard will embody the artistic spirit of the Empire and should carry songs in passion and courage to embolden and encourage our soldiers and should deliver spirit-crushing feats of satire and rebuke against the Barbarian Generals and our hated foes! By these means we will demonstrate the power of artistic inspiration from all our nations to weave glorious legacy through the deeds and example of our bright imperial fellowship.

  • The High Bard is an Imperial Position that holds the post for one year.
  • The Position is open to any Imperial Nation.
  • An Imperial citizen may only hold this Position once in their lifetime.
  • The title is to be formally awarded by the Council of Nine by majority with the expectation that a public tournament of Song and Satire should allow participants to demonstrate their suitability to the role in fair and open competition.
  • The title to be appointed during the Spring Equinox.
  • Each High Bard is expected to leave a composition as a legacy to the body of Imperial Lore.
  • The High Bard may address the Senate once each season in their term on matters of inspiration to the Empire.
  • The High Bard position is to come with a Stipend after the title is agreed in principle.
  • The High Bard is expected to promote an encourage excellence and passionate demonstration of performance across all the Nations of the Empire.
  • The High Bard may be revoked by a lesser majority of the General Assembly or the Assembly of Nine.

I commend this motion hereby to the attention of the Senate and invite questions there upon.

Proposed by Weirwater, Seconded by Hahnmark


Senator of Weirwater, Valentin Orzel Earl of Dawn


  • Winter 380YE

Campaign Outcome


Following an administrative motion during the Spring 381YE session, the following points were made.

  • This position will be formally appointed by Judgement of the Assembly of Nine. The motion lays out the expectation that they will award the title to the winner of the competition, but it is not constitutional to specify a limitation of this kind. The Assembly may choose to appoint any eligible Imperial citizen.
  • As has been noted previously the right to deliver a Senate address is considered to be a significant constitutional power.
  • The Constitutional Court have previously rejected an attempt to create a "High Consul" on the grounds that the title implied a position of authority or power over other citizens. In general senators are advised to avoid such language in favour of appellations such as "Imperial Consul". In this instance, the court judges that citizens are most likely to consider the High Bard to imply expertise rather than authority and on that basis they have not requested a change.