To appoint ambassadors to foreign nations to pursue trade in bulk raw materials. Ambassadors to be appointed to the Principalities of Jarm, the Asavean Archipelago, Faraden, the Commonwealth and the Sumaah Republic. Results to be presented for Senate approval at the next meeting.

Proposed by Tassato, seconded by Temeschwar.



  • Passed unanimously Spring 377 (Event Two 2013).


  • None


  • This motion should have been presented as five separate motions so that senators could vote individually
  • These positions have a responsibility to initiate trade with the foreign nation
  • The Senate has not chosen to assign any powers or functions to these positions
  • The Senate has not chosen to assign any money to support these positions


The purpose of these positions appears to be closer to trade envoys, than to actual ambassadors - the Senate appears to wish these positions to find a way to allow the Empire to trade for bulk raw materials with neighbouring powers.

The civil service have provided those appointed with the names of known contacts in the foreign powers so that they may initiate communication with them via Winged Messenger.

It is possible that a trade embassy might be built to allow regular trade to be automated. This would require significant investment of bulk resources - the civil service strongly recommend that this construction does not begin without firm agreements with a foreign power on trade terms first.


At the event the following people were appointed to theses positions by the Senate.

  • Constanza Barassadi di Tasssato of the league for the Principalities of Jarm
  • Adnanna Dionati of the League for the Asavean Archipelago
  • Braganza i Arco of the Brass Coast for the Faraden
  • Destain of Derondell of Dawn for the Commonwealth
  • Elisir of Urizen for the Suma Republic

Campaign Outcome

These titles were reappointed by Bourse auction, following a successful intervention by the Master of the Mint - who stressed the trade nature of these ceremonial titles.

These ceremonial titles are lifetime appointments.