The Music of Dawn

Style summary

A short description of the musical style we're encouraging.

Arthurian high medieval, chivalric, courtly, 'high' culture, battle anthems, tales of love, glory, and tragedy. Dawn draws on the more formal folk and classical traditions of Shakespearean/Elizabethan period, as well as fantastical folk tales.

Commonly known songs

Pick a few examples from the list below to specifically promote as well-known within that nation. Provide lyrics and score/chords. Preferably in a range of difficulties.

A musical tradition

Suggest how the music fits into the cultural behaviour in general (e.g. battle hakas, wassails).

One for the kids

Further examples

More examples for keen bards.


  • Sweet Kate - score and recording coming soon.
  • Tam Lin - lyrics and recording coming soon.


Anything vaguely courtly using recorders, plucked strings, single drums, harps, autoharp, or similar.

=Other performance traditions

Courtly dances. Find some instructions

How to adapt your repertoire

Suggestions of how someone could talk an existing song and make it fit the nation's style.

Our sources

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