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===New Player Discount===
===New Player Discount===
As all players are now to Empire in 2013, our normal new player discount scheme is not applicable to Empire.
As all players are new to Empire in 2013, our normal new player discount scheme is not applicable to Empire.
==Early Arrival==
==Early Arrival==

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Profound Decisions will run four Empire events each year. Although we are keen to give players the freedom to run their own Empire events if they wish, we believe it is also important for players to know what level of commitment and involvement a game presents. Therefore there will only ever be four Profound Decisions Empire events each year.

We will update the wiki with IC and OOC details of the events as they are finalized.

Events in 2013

OOC details for all our events in 2013 are below. If you have any questions about the details then please email us and we will endeavour to answer them for you.

Winter Solstice

Our first ever Empire event will take place from the 29th March to the 1st April.

The campaign begins with the calling of the great and the good from across the Empire to appoint new senators, generals and other Imperial positions following the recent death of Empress Britta.

There is going to be a lot to do at the first event, so we have decided to take advantage of the Easter bank holiday and begin the game a little earlier than normal. As a result time-in will be at 13:00 on the Friday. Normal times for time-in and time-out will then apply for the rest of the event. The first event ends at 15:00 on the Monday.

Players are welcome to come on site early on Thursday to get everything set-up. Because the game is starting early, we are waiving the normal fee to stay on site on Thursday at this event only. We know a lot of people want to come early to get all their camps set-up and we hope this will help to make that easier for everyone.

Spring Equinox

The second Empire event will take place from the 24th May to the 27th May.

Summer Solstice

The third Empire event will take place from the 26th July to the 28th July.

Autumn Equinox

The fourth Empire event will take place from the 13th September to the 15th September.

Booking and Prices

Online booking is available for all Profound Decisions events via our [www.profounddecisions.co.uk online account system]. Please create an account, enter your details and choose which events you wish to attend. You can even use the online booking system if you wish to pay by cheque as the system will give you a single booking reference to write on the back of your cheque.

All our events cost £55 if booked well in advance. The price rises after the early booking deadline and then again if you pay on the gate. Please see our ticket booking deadlines for details. Various discounts are available and all discounts are cumulative.

Multi-booking Discounts

If you book for more than one event simultaneously then you are receive a £5 discount for each additional event that you book. For example, if you book for three events then you are eligible for a discount of £10 from the total price.


Players are eligible for a discount of £15 off the price of each event if they are eligible for concessions. Anyone who is a full time student, in receipt of unemployment benefits such as job-seekers allowance or is a pensioner is eligible for the concession on the ticket price. You only have to be eligible at the point where you provide the proof of your eligibility, so students or can claim the discount for the year even if their course ends in the Summer.

You must provide proof of your eligibility. The best way to do this is to email proof to us at admin@profounddecisions.co.uk after you have booked. We can then mark your entire booking as having the concession confirmed. If you don't do this then you will be forced to bring proof to the event and then queue up in a long queue at GOD before you can play. Please don't do this, it's bad for you and bad for us! Email us a scan of your proof and we will log it to your account.

New Player Discount

As all players are new to Empire in 2013, our normal new player discount scheme is not applicable to Empire.

Early Arrival

Although there is no role-playing before time-in on Friday, you are very welcome to arrive early to begin setting up your camp. The bar will be open on Thursday evening and our caterers will be aiming to provide hot food. Please enjoy this opportunity to socialize out-of-character.

The earliest that you can arrive is 11:00 am on the Thursday before each event. There is an additional charge of £5 for anyone who stays on site on Thursday night that must be paid on the door.



You can pay for your ticket with a simple bank transfer, which is quick and easy especially if you use internet or telephone banking. The online booking system will provide you with a simple reference number to use when making your booking. This reference number is unique for your account and never changes.

Bank transfers are by far the cheapest way for us to take payment. If you do not mind what payment method you use then please pay by bank transfer as it helps us considerably.

Standing Orders

You can set up a standing order to pay for your tickets. The online booking system will provide you with a simple reference number to use when making your booking. This reference number is unique for your account and never changes. We do not get charged for standing order payments, so like bank transfers, it helps us out considerably if you choose to pay this way.


Make cheques payable to Profound Decisions Ltd and post them to us at Profound Decisions, PO Box 666, Preston, PR2 1ZW. If you use the website to create your booking then you will receive a unique reference number to write on the bank of your cheque. We will have an online character creation form available soon for people who do not want to use the website to book.

Card Payments

Your can use most cards to pay for your bookings if you use the online booking system. If you don't wish to enter your details online then you can phone the office on 0845 0944 798 and we can process a card payment for you.

Cancellations and Transfers

You may cancel or transfer a ticket for an event if you inform us before 6pm on the Friday that the event begins. You can inform us by sending an email or leaving a message on our answer machine. We reserve the right to charge a £5 administration fee for cancellations or transfers within two weeks of the start of an event.


At present all our events in 2013 are being held at our current site in Northamptonshire. See details on Tournament Stud for more information about site rules and regulations and directions.