Mourning Hollow is an old battlefield on the south-eastern borders of Summersend, in Hercynia. The Hollow was haunted by the unquiet spirits of dead Vard and Navarr warriors, apparently trapped there as the result of some forgotten curse or betrayal. Following a heroic actions expedition to the Hollow in Winter 379YE, there have been no further sightings of ghosts.

The same expedition located the ruins of an old building, a so-called "Temple of Phaleron" dedicated to the eternal of the same name. Built in a peculiar regio that seemed to cycle alignment between Day and Night realms, there was evidence that the temple was once a large library built by the Terunael people of the city of Hacynian (from which the entire territory takes its name).

In Spring 381YE the Imperial Senate voted to restore the library there. The new building has been constructed as much as possible in the style of the old ruins, incorporating their original stone wherever possible. The structure is not especially large, but it is exceptionally beautiful, filled with shelves of scrolls and parchments written by students of Navarr history. It also incorporates a small shrine dedicated to the virtue of Wisdom. The shrine is lit by a single lightstone held by a wooden candlestick with swirling vines carved on its surface. The candlestick is another relic of the ancient temple. Carved by Jhessail Cedny, one of the founders of the nearby steading of Foxden, the candlestick apparently also sat in the original library before it was destroyed by the Vard.

In the central chamber sits a large weirwood table, the surface engraved with intricate swirling patterns and serving as a focus for blood magic of the vates who visit the library to study. In the middle of the table rests a battered cauldron, the Bowl of Phaleron, which once served as a covenstone for the magicians who tended the original library.


Work on the new structure was quickly completed, shortly before the Summer Solstice 381YE, and the first librarians and archaeologists arrived within the week. Not much is known about the history of the original structure, although the interest of Phaleron is obvious. There is some evidence that at least one other eternal, perhaps Sung or the Whisper Gallery have an interest in the area as well. The eternals' influence presumably cycles along with the peculiar regio.

The Great Library is overseen by the Advisor on the Vallorn.


The Great Library of Hacynian is a folly constructed with small amounts of Weirwood, White Granite, and Mithril. It incorporates parts of an older Terunael structure.

Terunael Lorekeeper

There was briefly an Imperial title - Terunael Lorekeeper - created to oversee the library but that role was effectively abrogated when the Senate passed a motion to amend the powers of the Advisor on the Vallorn granting them custodianship of the library.

The Lorekeeper is expected to take on a specific oath: "I will protect the Library for as long as I can." The oath was apparently that sworn by a pre-Imperial Navarri vate whose spirit was kept captive in Mourning Hollow by the grim magic of a volodny. The tormented spirit was freed in 379YE when this oath was taken up by the heroic explorers visiting Mourning Hollow to deal with the dark curses found there.