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|[[Highguard military concerns#Cataphract|Cataphracts]]
|[[Highguard military concerns#Cataphract|Cataphracts]]
|Cataphracts units are Highguard's elite heavy warriors, who once rode [[horses]] into battle but who, in modern times, represent a resolute and unbreakable wall of steel.
|Cataphracts units are Highguard's elite heavy warriors, who once rode [[horse|horses]] into battle but who, in modern times, represent a resolute and unbreakable wall of steel.

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The Brass Coast

Family A family is a collection of related people led by a Dhomiro. They are all descended from one of the three tribes: the Erigo, the Riqueza and the Guerra. They contain all manner of different people.
Kohan Kohan are groups of volunteer and outcast warriors-without-family, who traditionally pledge loyalty to their tribe's Hakima.
Parador Brass Coast towns always have at least one parador, a communal social house of business, music, story-telling, drinking and dance. They are often formed of a number smaller Families working together.
Hakima Hakima are highly-organised groups of magic-users whose loyalty is to the tribe, not their family. They are taken to be wise.
Corsair Freeborn Corsairs are traders and privateers who deal with - and raid - bararian bshipping in the Bay of Catazar.
Sutannir Sutannir perform inspiring religious ceremonies for the Freeborn, and (more importantly) organise the parties that follow. They usually include numerous talented performers in their ranks as well as priests.


Noble House A group of individual that have all passed the Test of Mettle, usually set by the House’s Earl. It also contains Yeofolk loyal to the house.
Knightly Order A knightly order is made up of Questing knights who have proved themselves worthy in their Test of Mettle and have chosen to keep on questing for ever-greater glory. They sometimes have rules governing behaviour and seek an Eternal as a patron.
Weaver cabal Weaver Cabals are groups of witches specialising in ritual magic .They are not Nobles but not entirely Yeofolk. They perform magics to bring good fortune to villages, fertile harvests and good weather as well as weaving magic items.


Chapter A fully functional community incorporating families and individuals from all walks of life, who share a common set of beliefs in the form of a creed.
Stewards of the Dead Dedicated to recording the deeds of heroes of the Empire, they maintain the tombs and mausoleums of the Necropolis. It is also the role of the stewards to deal with dead spirits.
Unconquered Unconquered units are elite Highborn warriors designed to fight battles by any means, in any conditions. They operate with a high level of autonomy, often behind enemy lines or in unknown territory.
Cataphracts Cataphracts units are Highguard's elite heavy warriors, who once rode horses into battle but who, in modern times, represent a resolute and unbreakable wall of steel.

Imperial Orcs

Legion Most Imperial Orcs are soldiers in one of the two Imperial Orc armies with the rest of their legion, fighting the enemies of the Empire. For an Imperial Orc, their legion, their army, and the Empire itself were fundamental to their identity.
Reavers Orcs who are not part of the Legions, they often work as prosperous mercenaries

The League

Guild A network of skilled and ambitious people who have bound their fortunes together for mutual gain. Each guild's specific goals and methods vary, but almost universally involves accumulating political and financial power.
Free Company Free companies are military groups in the The League. They are usually mercenaries and in the northern cities they are sometimes referred to as landsknechts.
Troupe Troupes are magical groups who perform rituals through a tradition of theatrical performance called dramaturgy. A member of a troupe is commonly referred to as an actor even if they do not technically perform on a stage.
Church The Bishops of the League are its high priests, who provide Virtuous guidance to any who can afford it, and who compete using the size and influence of their congregations. Groups of Bishops are led by an Archbishop.

The Marches

Household A group of Yeomen led by one of their number, called the Steward
Landskeeper A landskeeper is a figure from the Marches magical tradition, who supports the territories or the nation as a whole. Landskeepers can use a variety of methods, from hearth magics and good practical advice to rituals.
Market Town Market towns send representatives all over the Empire and beyond to secure deals, acquire trade goods, and negotiate contracts. They are rich, and their wealth brings a power of its own that may yet prove to be a match for that of the Households. They may be led by an Alder.
Monastery Monks minister to the spiritual welfare of the folk around their monastery, largely ignoring Household boundaries. They divide their time between study of the Imperial Faith and working the farmlands claimed by the monastery.


Striding These are travelling groups that largely follow the established routes of the trods around the Empire. Walking the trods is necessary to weaken the vallorn to allow the Navarr to attack it. The Navarr encourage individuals to choose the striding that is travelling in the direction they want to go, a philosophy that underpins their approach to life.
Steading A group of settled Navarr, whose responsibility can include ensuring no one stumbles into nearby Vallorn's embrace.


Spire Spires of magicians are carved into a hilltop or the side of a mountain peak. Spires tend to specialise: a given spire might be known for its fine craftsmanship, the beauty and artistry of its musicians, its dedication to martial affairs, or its mastery of one or more spheres of magical power.
Citadel Sentinel groups are based out of Citadels; spires dedicated to martial excellence. These are usually groups without magic.
Temple The sword scholars are being welcomed back into the fold. Their rivalry with the Sentinels is well know; and their devotion to Wisdom equally fervent.


Warden The Warden fellowships are heroic warriors who employ magical protection along with their armour and weapons to hunt down the terrors of the Varushkan wilderness, and to uphold Imperial Law.
Schlacta The Schlacta are Varushka's well-organised bands of soldiery, who provide defence to a place or an employer.
Vale A typical Varushkan settlement, led by a boyar, able to protect themselves against the darkness.
Cabalists Cabals are teams of ritual magic-users, who often act as individual groups, independent of their vales. Each Cabal is different from each other, but their magical might grants them considerable influence.


Hall The majority of Winterfolk live in one of the many small settlements, called halls, that dot the land. Each hall is led by a Thane, who settles disputes that lie outside the law and provides civic and military leadership.
Frayed This is not a group identity, but individuals who live outside the Halls. Wintermark heroes who are convicted of serious crimes, or individuals who feel great guilt over a personal failing, become frayed, a reference to the way their choices have damaged their skein.