If life was just about manipulating magic it would be easier by far

Alam Proverb

The most powerful and organised magicians in Alam society, the Hakima are the guardians of magical lore in the Alam tribes. They trace their role back to the three founders who were each powerful ritualists with their own style and emphasis. A group of Hakima recruits the most promising individuals from every family that is part of the same tribe and gives it's loyalty to the tribe as a whole, rather than any individual family. By drawing together a group of ritualists from all the families, the Hakima ensure they have sufficient ability to cast powerful rituals, something that would be difficult for a single family to achieve by itself.

The Hakima play an important political role in Alam life, acting as neutral arbiters between the families and serving as the glue that holds Alam society together. The traditional role of the Hakima is as guides to the families, providing advice and direction. While there are fools in any position, the position of Hakima is well respected by most Alam who appreciate that they represent something of a higher calling. The best Hakima use this respect to direct the Alam families in the best interests of all, the worst try to browbeat families into doing as they ask.

The Hakima have no formal power, but their neutrality gives them an important social role in helping to settle disputes and their magical skills mean that their support for individual families is invaluable, something they can translate into additional political influence. Members of Hakima groups should try to make sure they are present when all important business is being decided by the Alam families of their tribe, to ensure that the right decisions are made.