Escon is the Highguard Egregore. Escon has three primary interests; to embody the Imperial Faith and commitment to Virtue, to promote the martial spirit of the Highborn, and to expand the knowledge of the Nation. The spirit encourages competition, but as a means to the end of promoting and encouraging Highborn in the pursuit of excellence, rather than as an end in itself. Most of all, Escon encourages the Highborn to embrace their history and pursue Virtue with every part of their being.

Escon always tries to help people make up their own minds and come to their own conclusions, through careful questioning and encouragement to examine motivations, actions and beliefs. This is not done to demonstrate intellectual superiority, but rather to encourage the Highborn to develop their own powers of deductive reasoning. Escon is quite capable of making definitive statements when the situation demands it.

Current Host

The current host is Ehud, Son of Leah, of Reumah's Redoubt. Formerly having served in Reikos during and after its fall as an Unconquered before injury caused him to retire to Bastion. There he take up the role of an artisan within the Redoubt, specialising in stained glass works of art when he was not producing shields for his Chapter and the frontlines of battle.

Wearing a gold circlet at summits, as during the season, he moves from Chapter to Chapter listening to his people's conversations, asking questions for them to ask of themselves and playing games of skill.