The Civil Service shall serve The Throne and the people, and be bound in oaths of loyalty to the Empire. They will be civil in their dealings and treat each citizen by their virtues, without prejudice or favour regardless of wealth, nationality or title. They will choose amongst them those who will serve as magistrates, to ensure the law is a friend to no-one but instead the servant and the master of all.

From the Imperial Constitution

The Imperial Civil Service was founded in its current form in the reign of Emperor Giovanni.

Members of the Service are IC oath-bound, and the crew who play them are bound OOC, to the impartiality and neutrality that are the finest traditions of the Service.

As such, they do not vote in any elections, as that would undermine the reality that they are neutral supporters of the Empire.

Institutional Civil Servants

These civil servants are linked to specific Imperial Institutions to ensure their smooth operation.

Civil Servant Nation Crew Name Institution
Abraham Highguard Matt Pennington Constitutional Court
Leontes the Scribe Marches Andy Rafferty Constitutional Court / Imperial Archivist
Gerard La Salle Dawn Graeme Jamieson Constitutional Court Auditor of the Imperial Treasury / Military Council / Senate
Kaya Wintermark Clare Evans General Secretary of the Civil Service
Marta Vaskovich Kovar Varushka Elinor Kershaw Bourse
Nooranii Hazana Guerra Brass Coast Nora Black Bourse
Khaytanus Everwatch Urizen James Littlewood Conclave / Academy
Casiphea, daughter of Anne, of Basilisk's Rest Highguard Clare Selley Conclave
Merlot League Paul Wilder Elections / Conclave
Ekaterijna Nadyovna Gremani Varushka Sam Sulkin Military Council
Dart Imperial Orcs Ben Woodhead Military Council
John of Meade Marches Harry Harrold Senate
Élodie Harper Marches Amy Woodhead Senate
Leonardo i Deltoro i Riqueza Brass Coast Jonathan Kidger Synod
Almodis Bolholt Marches Vikiy Myers Synod
Teagan Navarr Susan Whitaker Synod
Kiersten Grimmrsdottir Wintermark Harriette Westmacott-Verran Synod

Institutional responsibilities for recording keeping

In additional to other duties, civil servants are expected to keep the following records.

Speakers of the Senate

  • A list of all motions brought before Senate, their proposers, seconders and wording by one hour before each session
  • Whether or not each motion passed after each session
  • If a motion had a financial element, at what level of expenditure it passed
  • A list of all Announcements made before Senate and their contents
  • The location of a suitable a suitable pro-forma for Senate motions.

Heralds of the Military Council

  • The battle opportunities chosen by the military council
  • The combination of nations taking part in each opportunity
  • The field marshal commanding each battle opportunity
  • The orders given by generals to their armies
  • Any pardons issued by the Military Council
  • Any distribution of spoils of war made by the Military Council

Tribune of the Synod

  • Appointments by assemblies of the Synod.
  • Votes made by Synod priests on Judgements
  • Rewardings made from the Virtue fund to the priests who raised the corresponding Judgements
  • Names of those who receive visions of their past lives
  • The location of a suitable pro forma for Synod Judgements

Conclave civil servants

  • Appointments to Imperial Title
  • Addresses made on each day, and who made each one
  • Declarations made on each day, who made each one, and whether or not it passed
  • The Strengths of each order at each Conclave session
  • The contents of each Order's Vault at the beginning and end of the Summit

Agents of the Bourse

  • Results of auctions of Bourse seats; the names of those successful and how much they paid
  • Resources disposed of in the private auction
  • Buyers and prices of lots in the private auction
  • Prices of lots in the public auction

Overseers of Imperial Elections

  • Results of elections to the Senate
  • Results of elections by the Senate
  • Results of appointments of generals and admirals of the Military Council
  • Other appointments made by the Bourse
  • The list of current Imperial title holders
  • The list of changes from the last summit's list of current Imperial title holders

Imperial Magistracy

These civil servants co-ordinate the militia and are responsible for administering trials and Imperial justice. They are often found near the Hub.

Magistrate Nation Crew Name Specialism
Stanislav Karkovich Varushka Jon Creek Criminal / Religious law / [Constitutional Court]
Avedon de Remourics Dawn Oliver Facey Criminal / Religious Law
John Cooper Marches Richard Squires General
Grimmer Reinholz Wintermark Martin Verran General
Zofia Justynova Garnovska Varushka Christi Scarborough General
Mercer Navarr Tom Owen General
Urlik The Lucky Wintermark Michael Pye General
Adile i Mata i Riqueza Brass Coast Shanine Gill General
Adam Highguard John Kearney Religious law

Prognosticators Office

Prognosticators use a combination of divinatory magic and careful record keeping to provide infallible briefings to the Imperial Senate and the Imperial Military Council In modern times the civil service is careful to ensure they include members of every nation, but the first Imperial prognosticators were all Urizen seers, but their ranks were quickly bolstered by volunteers especially from the mystics[ of Wintermark and diviners from the Brass Coast. The office is ultimately overseen by the Imperial Auditor, Gerard La Salle, who is a member of the Constitutional Court. Their primary duties involve divining the conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate and using a combination of magic and mundane expertise to prepare appraisals for the Imperial Senate.

Name Nation Crew Name Specialism
Prognosticator Atraxes Urizen Tom Hancocks War

Civil Servants

Individuals often out and about on the field in the service of the Empire:

Name Nation Crew Name Specialism
Prognosticator Atraxes Urizen Tom Hancocks War
War scout Orn Eidrmutr Wintermark David Henderson War
War scout Will of Overton Marches Andy Connell War
Ezekiel of Samson's Feasting Highguard Wrenna Robson
Barak of Haros Highguard David Sheridan Past Life Visions
Wylfa Bechod Navarr Dom Carroll Past Life Visions

The Academy

Dedicated Academy staff are listed here.