Our mission to provide a quality service in the areas in which we are skilled by caring about your project as much as you do. Our work include: Costuming, Leather Work - Masks, Armour and other Accessories, Masks, prosthetics and our own range of makeup, LRP Weapons, Set building, Props, and Large Creatures along with many other things - if we don't do it, we often know someone who does.

We are experienced at working to tight deadlines with fixed budgets.

Company Overview

Mandala has many years experience in providing bespoke work in many areas of expertise drawing on a large pool of highly skilled workers.

We're based in Coventry UK but ship to customers all over the world, from the US to Australia and everywhere in between!

Our Relationship with Profound Decisions

We have worked for many years with Profound Decisions providing large monsters, props and set dressings for both Maelstrom and Odyssey these have included Gaia and the Stone Golems, Ritual Site stones, the Well and altar for quests, the Minotaur.

For Empire we are producing the Barbarian Orc Masks and Polyurea Armour, a range of Prosthetics for the various lineages and supplying some of the costumes for the Eternals.

What can we do for you?

Our big new thing for next year will be our own range of Polyurea armour as well as expanding our range of Leather work, Costuming and Embroidery. We will be continuing to expand our range of high quality prosthetics to cover all the Empire lineages with custom options, as always, available.


Email: info@mandalastudios.co.uk

Example Work

An orc mask with scars
An another orc
Bark Prosthetics.jpg
Sample Bark Prosthetics
Madala shield.jpg
Matching shields with varied scoring
Nature masks.jpg
Leather masks on a nature theme
A leather sea themed mask
Wizard hats.jpg
One of our monster costumes
Cardinal robes made in a non traditional colour