The Navarri Egregore is Liaven, who shares a place in the Great Dance with all of Navarr. Tell Liaven your stories, share how you dance your place in the Dance.

In Spring, Liaven is youthful and energetic, with possibility and curiosity in every step. In Summer, Liaven is more tempered; there is work to be done and preparations to make. In Autumn, time has passed, Liaven knows the path and steps surely. In Winter, Liaven is knowing and steady still, hair grey but eyes bright. Time is short, and life is hard, but there is readiness for what comes next, a looking forward to when Spring comes to again and new life flows once more.

Liaven is all of these things in time as each season comes and goes, a reminder that all seasons pass, and all passings can be adapted to. Liaven is always watching and wandering the Empire near and far, to wherever the Navarr roam. Liaven can be found equally at home in the deepest Forest or the most Urban maze, never forgetting the past, or the consequences of not remaining vigilant, the fate of the lost cities an ever present reminder of the cost of failure.

“Sit, share a fire, rest your feet and tell your story."

The egregore spirit currently has tow hosts

Rhiannon is currently a member of the Fleet Foot Striding, who walk the lands around and on the Trods between Liathaven and Miaren, but have some regular drop-offs though Wintermark and Marches as need arises. A small group, they carry news and messages for the settlements and Wayhouses on their route. They were formed by a group of scouts and thorns who were part of a larger striding. They are renowned by those who use their services for their quick delivery. Rhiannon Fleet Foot, one of their Physicks, became the Navarr Egregore, Liaven, in 370YE. She now travels the Empire as Liaven, but the Fleet Foot Striding will always take a message to her, if it is needed. Unsurprisingly, they have travelled much more widely since Rhiannon's place in the Great Dance changed. In the Summer of 378YE, Rhiannon gave up the egregore spirit to fulfill an oath. She returned from Reikos in 379YE, and agreed to take up the egregore spirit again, having fulfilled her oath for the time being.

Born in Liathaven, Tal was a member of the Dancewalker striding, who are based in Liaven's Dance . While delivering a message, he became trapped behind Jotun lines. Heroes of Anvil were despatched to rescue him, and he was brought back to Anvil. He is a powerful Vate but is keen to scout when on the battlefield. Although very driven, when he is relaxing Tal is happy to have a drink, a laugh or a fight with anyone. When Rhiannon left Anvil, the Egregore spirit filled Tal, finding a Spring Vate to embody at the time when the ancient ritual to rebuild to Trods had been found. When Rhiannon returned to Anvil in 379YE, the Egregore spirit rejoined with both Tal and Rhiannon, although why it did this is still being debated by the Guides of the Navarr. Tal and Rhiannon have a strong friendship, even though they have spent little time together, their Egregore duties meaning they are rarely together in the same place long.