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The Navarri Egregore is Liaven, who shares a place in the Great Dance with all of Navarr. Tell Liaven your stories, share how you dance your place in the Dance.

In Spring, Liaven is youthful and energetic, with possibility and curiosity in every step. In Summer, Liaven is more tempered; there is work to be done and preparations to make. In Autumn, time has passed, Liaven knows the path and steps surely. In Winter, Liaven is knowing and steady still, hair grey but eyes bright. Time is short, and life is hard, but there is readiness for what comes next, a looking forward to when Spring comes to again and new life flows once more.

Liaven is all of these things in time as each season comes and goes, a reminder that all seasons pass, and all passings can be adapted to. Liaven is always watching and wandering the Empire near and far, to wherever the Navarr roam. Liaven can be found equally at home in the deepest Forest or the most Urban maze, never forgetting the past, or the consequences of not remaining vigilant, the fate of the lost cities an ever present reminder of the cost of failure.

“Sit, share a fire, rest your feet and tell your story."